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XL Freedom: Katadyn expands its BeFree line with 6.0L and 10L water filters

July 20, 2021

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For years, Katadyn BeFree water filters have been essential travel companions for  athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The lightweight filter systems ensure a safe supply of drinking water from  streams and lakes and can be taken anywhere, due to their small collapsible design. With the launch of the  new BeFree Gravity 6.0 Liter and 10 Liter water filters, Katadyn adds two group-compatible sizes to the BeFree  line. The new Large and XL sizes use the principle of gravity and combine highly-efficient hollow fiber  filtration technology with the BeFree line’s signature EZ-Clean MembraneTM to make safe drinking water for  groups effortlessly available at all times. The new filter systems will be available in May 2021. 

At the heart of the sleek and foldable BeFree Gravity 6L and 10L filter systems is the EZ-Clean Membrane™, the hallmark of the BeFree filter line with a fast flow rate of up to 2 liters per minute. During the filtration process, water  passes through a hollow fiber filter that reliably removes microorganisms such as bacteria and cysts as well as  sediments with its 0.1 micron (0.0001 mm) pore size. The water level is clearly visible at all times through the  transparent display window. When refilling is required, the filter system can easily be transported from the water  source back to camp with the convenient carrying strap, and hung from a branch or other available mounting. Drinking  water flows safely into the preferred container through the outlet hose, which is equipped with an automatic outlet  stop and a quick-release for direct attachment to hydration bladders. To avoid contact with contaminated water during  refilling, the outlet hose has a quick connect fitting allowing it to easily be removed and reattached after filling. As capacity should not come at the expense of weight, the 6.0L filter weighs just over 260 grams, and the 10L filter  weighs less than 290 grams. The capacity of the new filters is up to 1000L, depending on water quality. To clean the  EZ-Clean MembraneTM, simply shake or swish it in water in the field or at home. 

In parallel with the new filter systems, Katadyn is also launching a BeFree Gravity Upgrade Kit, which allows users to  convert a Katadyn Gravity Camp or Base Camp Pro filter into a BeFree Gravity filter system. This requires a separately  available BeFree filter element and a 6L or 10L water filter system with accessories. The new BeFree Gravity 6.0L  and 10L filter systems as well as the Upgrade Kit will be available in stores from May 2021.

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KATADYN BeFree Gravity 6.0L 

KATADYN BeFree Gravity 10L 

BeFree Gravity Camp Upgrade Kit  


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Lukas Hesse, Product Manager KATADYN, 

About Katadyn 

Katadyn is the Switzerland-based market leader for portable, personal water treatment systems and products for the outdoor and marine  industries. Under the guiding principle, «Making water drinking water.» Katadyn develops and manufactures its portable water filters,  desalinators, chemical disinfectants and ultraviolet handheld purifiers for camping, trekking or global journeys. With Katadyn products,  clean drinking water is a given even in remote corners of the globe. As functionally multipurpose as a Swiss army knife, the finely tuned  product portfolio offers diverse and personal solutions for water treatment. Still made in Switzerland today, the product line ranges from  water filters and tried-and-true Micropur tablets and Steripen portable UV water purifiers to the smallest manual desalinator for marine  applications. One thing all products have in common is our high standard of quality, reliability and easy operation. For that reason, many  international aid organizations as well as the military rely on the survival aid and life-saving support from market leader Katadyn. Katadyn  is a brand in the Katadyn Group portfolio. 

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Sustaining life no matter where. Operating under this maxim, we at the KATADYN GROUP strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of safe, simple and sustainable Swiss solutions. The KATADYN GROUP is a global corporate group specialized in  the area of self-sufficient nutrition and drinking water supply. Its brands include Katadyn, Trek’n Eat, AlpineAire Foods, Optimus, Spectra  Watermakers, Micropur, Steripen, Pharmavoyage and Certisil. With this broad brand portfolio, the group provides products and solutions  for the outdoor and marine industries as well as for industrial and municipal needs. Its diverse product palette ranges from freeze-dried  specialty meals and outdoor cooking gear to mobile and land-based water desalination systems and specialized disinfection systems for  industrial applications. Indeed, humanitarian aid organizations and the military for years have been regular customers of the Swiss group  of companies. With headquarters in Kemptthal (Zurich), the KATADYN GROUP employs about 200 people at its subsidiaries in Europe,  Asia and North America.