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Salmon Sisters x XTRATUF Release 2019 Boot Collection

February 7, 2019

Media Contact

Matt Aboussie
Rising Tide Communications

Homer, Alaska

Salmon Sisters, a fishermen-sister owned Alaskan seafood and design company, and the iconic fishing and lifestyle footwear brand XTRATUF today announce an expanded footwear collection for spring 2019. The collection is available for pre-order on The new boots will be available for shipment in mid-February and casual shoes in mid-March. They will also be available at

Two Alaska fishing sisters, Emma Laukitis and Claire Neaton, founded Salmon Sisters in 2012. Their company and its products are deeply influenced by the wilderness of Alaska and the sustainable fisheries of the North Pacific. The Salmon Sisters provide the artwork that add an extra touch of Alaska to the footwear styles.

The Salmon Sisters grew up working on the water in XTRATUF boots, which are quintessential to Alaska’s fishing community. XTRATUF boots define Alaskans’ shared values of hard work and adventure and are worn with pride on and off the water. The Salmon Sisters began collaborating with XTRATUF in 2017, providing print designs that have been incorporated into the XTRATUF line for women who work and play hard in wild places and wild weather.

The 2019 Salmon Sisters XTRATUF Collection includes eight new styles, including 15” Legacy and Ankle Deck Boots, 6” Deck Boots, as well as casual deck shoes and slip-on shoes. The collection features two new prints in addition to the original, fan-favorite Octopus design. The new Sea Greens design celebrates aquatic plants that hold cultural importance in coastal Alaska and are consumed by subsistence users.

“Seaweed keeps the ocean healthy by providing habitat for marine animals and storing carbon dioxide, the leading cause of ocean acidification,” said Salmon Sister Founder Claire Neaton. “We love making pickles out of seaweed and use it as fertilizer in our garden.”

The second new print features all five species of wild salmon found in Alaska, as well as steelhead and rainbow trout. These fish are beloved by sport, commercial, and subsistence fishermen and seafood lovers everywhere.

“Our lives, like so many Alaskan lives, revolve around the seasonal movement and life cycle of these fish,” said Salmon Sister Founder Emma Laukitis. “We figured it was time all the fish-loving ladies out there had a pair of lucky XTRATUF boots or shoes like these!”

About Salmon Sisters: Sister owners Emma Neaton and Claire Laukitis are inspired by the wilderness of Alaska and the sustainable fisheries of the North Pacific. Salmon Sisters products are designed in Alaska, inspired by nautical tradition, and made for a community of fishermen, adventurers and ocean-enthusiasts. Salmon Sisters strives to make garments that you can dress up, dress down, get dirty and wear holes through. For every product sold, Salmons Sisters donates one can of wild salmon to the Food Bank of Alaska through their Give Fish Project. Learn more at

About XTRATUF: Born in Alaska where 50-foot seas swallow the slightest missteps, XTRATUF boots are just that, extra tough. For more than 50 years, XTRATUF has been outfitting commercial fisherman and earned the respect, loyalty and trust, of people who can’t afford to take trust lightly. Learn more at