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Wagner Custom Skis Flex their Muscles at Skiing Magazine Indy Test

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Boulder, Colorado — Oct 24, 2012




Wagner Custom Skis Flex their Muscles at Skiing Magazine Indy Test

                 Made in the USA Products Shine in Annual Showdown

Telluride, CO (October 24th, 2012) – Wagner Custom Skis, the Telluride, Colorado-based leader in custom ski fitting science, has been awarded Official Selection Medals for 3 different models in the 2012-13 Skiing Magazine Independent Ski Manufacturer’s test. Wagner Custom was also awarded the prestigious Tester’s Choice award for their 100 Custom model that wowed a range of testers.


The April 2012 event featured 15-20 testers each evaluating about 20 different skis per day. Skis were evaluated on criteria including flotation, stability at speed, energy, forgiveness, crud performance, versatility and overall impression.  After discussing impressions with each of the testers informally, the editors awarded the top tier of skis an “Official Selection” medal.  Skiing Magazine Editors said, “Yet again, Wagner Custom Skis were among the best performers at Skiing‘s test of independent brands. It’s clear that Wagner knows how to build a quality ski.”


CEO Pete Wagner commented, “Skiing Magazine deserves a lot of respect for testing skis from any independent ski brand.  With the boom in small ski companies and the diversity in quality, it is hard to know which brands stand out.  Bonnier is the only media company I know who is testing skis from independent ski companies head-to-head with no barriers to entry.  It’s great for skiers and great for the ski industry.”


From his wind-powered factory in Placerville, CO, Wagner said, “Because our skis are custom-designed and optimized for the individual skier, we don’t have any stock models.  So, we just grabbed some skis that were sitting in our factory that were the right sizes and right construction for their testing criteria.” He added, “The results are a testament to our materials, craftsmanship and construction, even before we customize for the individual skier.”

Skiing Magazine’s Independent Ski Maker test results will be available on newsstands and at over 700 specialty retail stores on November 1st, 2012.


About Wagner Custom Skis

Wagner Custom was founded in 2006 in Placerville, Colorado, just downstream from the Telluride Ski Resort. Wagner Custom hand-builds precise-fitting skis and snowboards one-at-a-time, each unique and designed for a specific rider.  Wagner uses only the finest raw materials, and all skis and boards are crafted around sturdy, solid wood cores.  Wagner shapes and assembles skis using state-of-the-art 21st Century equipment in what may be the world’s greenest ski factory, running entirely on wind and solar energy.  Visit Wagner Custom online at www.wagnerskis.com. For press inquiries, please contact Timmy Dow at Momentum Media PR  (ttd@momentummediapr.com).