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TrailHeads Launches New Men’s UV Protection Hat for Runners

April 13, 2021

Media Contact

Katie Burns
TrailHeads Communications Director

Kent, Connecticut

TrailHeads, an online retailer of performance hats, gloves and related accessories for runners, hikers and outdoor adventurers, is introducing a new running hat in its spring and summer collection. The Men’s UV Protection Running Hat is designed to provide comfort and protection for it’s wearers. 

Staying protected from harmful uv rays is a concern for many athletes and outdoor enthusiasts seeking to pursue their favorite sports and activities during the summer. TrailHeads sought to address this by creating a hat that would offer sun protection without sacrificing performance or style. 

This sun hat for men has received a 50+ UPF rating from an independent lab. 50+ is the highest UPF rating available for fabric. The hat’s fabric was carefully selected by TrailHeads designers who felt it was important that the level of sun protection would not alter over time. The uv protection is a quality inherent to the fabric. The sun protection comes from the closeness of the hat’s weave, it is not a chemical treatment. 

Stephanie Raftery, TrailHeads designer and co-founder commented, “We’re really excited about the new design. Sun protection is an important feature for summer athletes. We think our customers will be very pleased with the fit and feel.”

As well as providing a high degree of sun protection, this men’s hat is quick drying and moisture wicking. It has an internal sweatband to pull sweat from the brow, making it an ideal option for runners and athletes working out during the warmer months. 

Another innovative touch in the design of the new men’s sports cap is the dark underbill which helps reduce glare. This feature is particularly useful to tennis players and golfers who need to track their shot during a game.

The Men’s UV hat has an adjustable closure, allowing the wearer to select their fit. The running hat is available in several colors, including hi vis yellow and options with reflective accents for athletes looking to enhance their visibility while exercising during evening or early morning hours. 

The new sports cap is designed for runners, hikers, tennis players, golfers, and all outdoor enthusiasts. Read more about the new design here.


About TrailHeads:

An online retailer based in Kent, CT, TrailHeads has been a leader in the performance running and outdoor accessories category since 2002. TrailHeads is a small, family owned business founded by Stephanie and Ed Raftery. Not long after its inception, TrailHeads gained national recognition for the creation of their original ponytail hat; a beanie born from the realization that athletic women and girls needed a better headwear option for winter workouts. TrailHeads’ product line has grown to include a diverse selection of innovative gear for women and men who share a love of the outdoors. TrailHeads seeks to make sure every product combines comfort, performance and style. For more information on TrailHeads running and performance gear visit