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TINCUP Mountain Whiskey Inspires Adventure in the Outdoors with Nationwide Search for Three Gold Cups

May 24, 2022

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Martina Corona
Backbone Media


The “Spirit of Adventure” program will give explorers a chance at $10,000


 TINCUP® Mountain Whiskey, a classic American whiskey, aims to inspire new and profound experiences in the great outdoors. This spring, TINCUP is launching a nationwide “Spirit of Adventure” program for those willing to explore beyond the comfort of their own backyards. TINCUP champions the rugged spirit of the American West, and the iconic cups that top each bottle are an ode to the old mining town from which TINCUP takes its name. The whiskey celebrates the original way the resident workers drank their whiskey from tin cups following a day down in the depths of the Rocky Mountains.


The “Spirit of Adventure” is centered around a search for three special edition gold-plated versions of the iconic cups. These #3GoldCups are hidden in three different picturesque places across the country, and TINCUP will release clues leading to each that will help narrow down the exact locations they are hidden. Those lucky enough to find one will be rewarded with $10,000.


The hunt for the first gold cup will officially begin on April 15, when TINCUP will release the first clue on @TincupWhiskey. New clues will be released every few days on Instagram and will range from hints in videos to “social media challenges” that participants will need to decode. Clues will continue until the cups are found, one at a time.


“Adventure is at the heart of TINCUP Whiskey, which is why we wanted to find a way to inspire exploration across the country and share that enthusiasm with our community,” said Jess Graber, founder, TINCUP Whiskey. “We’ve teamed up with some very notable explorers to help hide our beloved gold cups and we can’t wait to see toasts with TINCUP after a day well-spent exploring.”


To help hide the sought-after gold cups, Graber enlisted the help of three explorers that embody the spirit of the brand—Paulina Dao (@paulinadao), an adventure lifestyle photographer; Max Djenohan (@nomadikmax), a professional primitive survivalist from “Naked and Afraid”; and Caite Zeliff (@caite_zeliff), a professional skier and paraglider. Each explorer has identified the perfect, secret location to encourage others to get outdoors and see new areas along their search.


The three gold cups will be difficult to find, but the spirit of adventure won’t be. Learn more at and follow @TincupWhiskey on Instagram to be the first to know when clues are released.





About TINCUP® Mountain Whiskey

TINCUP® Mountain Whiskey is a classic American Whiskey – cut to proof with Rocky Mountain water and bottled at elevation 5,251’. Created by Jess Graber, who began distilling almost 40 years ago, the whiskey is aged in white oak barrels. As The Mountain Whiskey, TINCUP aims to inspire and empower new and profound experiences in the great outdoors. TINCUP is a nod to Tin Cup, CO, an old mining town nestled in the Rockies and named for the tin cups from which the miners drank their whiskey. Try the full TINCUP range: American Whiskey (Bourbon plus Colorado Single Malt), Straight Rye, and 10-Year Aged.


Bring the mountain home @tincupwhiskey and TINCUP American Whiskey is bottled at 42% ABV (84 proof).