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Technicity and Responsibility Define La Sportiva’s Fall 2022 Apparel Line

December 14, 2021

Media Contact

Sean Van Horn, Backbone Media, LLC

Boulder, CO

La Sportiva, makers of the world’s finest mountain footwear, apparel, and ski hard goods, today announces their new apparel line for Fall 2022. For over 90 years, this classic Italian brand has produced gear for the particular needs of climbers, skiers, runners and hikers. This collection of apparel for men and women focuses on providing cutting-edge performance for each of the brand’s core sports while utilizing responsible materials and technologies. 

“La Sportiva was born in the Italian Dolomites and with that comes a strong sense of responsibility to protect the wild places that our products are designed for,” says Jonathan Lantz, president of La Sportiva North America. “Our commitment to being environmentally responsible is evident in all areas of our product line. The company is constantly striving to reduce its environmental impact and we are dedicated to using innovative materials in our products and implementing eco-conscious production procedures in our factories. This season the product team focused on technicity in our apparel line, blending modern materials to create unique pieces that are designed for extreme environments. La Sportiva is also making efforts to reduce the amount of micro shedding that occurs during the washing process, as the fibers that shed from certain fabrics contribute to plastic buildup in our oceans.”

 The Kap Hybrid Hoody for men and women embodies La Sportiva’s commitment to developing innovative and eco-friendly products. Priced at $179, this full zip hybrid jacket is designed to keep you dry and comfortable during active winter pursuits. This Jacket uses Kapoc insulation, which is a unique material that is sourced from the seed pods of the Kapok tree. This insulation provides a high degree of warmth and is more eco and animal friendly then down or synthetic. The combination of breathable insulation and strategically placed windproof fabric makes the Kap Hybrid Hoody a perfect choice for high output winter activities.

La Sportiva has focused on using recycled materials for years, and for Fall 22, many of La Sportiva’s synthetic pieces have been created using a process that reduces the micro shedding that occurs during washing. This technology lowers the environmental impact for the entire life of the garment. The Elements Jacket, Cosmic Hoody, and Descender Storm Jacket all feature fabric with this new micro shedding technology. The Descender Storm Jacket is a hooded top that combines softshell and fleece fabrics to provide the perfect balance between breathability and protection. Retailing at $159 this jacket comes in both men’s and women’s models. The Elements Jacket is the perfect addition to the mountain athlete’s wardrobe. This $119 fleece provides warmth and performance for winter sports and is finished with an anti-odor Polygeine treatment. Available for both men and women, the $129 Cosmic Hoody features a functional hood and is an ideal layer for high-output activities.

The ski apparel collection adds the Crizzle EVO Shell Jacket and Pants for men. These uniquely constructed hardshell pieces are designed specifically for the backcountry skier. With an MSRP of $249, the Crizzle EVO Shell Jacket is a novel hardshell made from recycled materials that provides wind protection and water resistance in key areas, while a breathable stretch back panel allows for moisture management during intense sessions. Retailing at $199, the Crizzle EVO Shell Pant is a versatile ski pant that offers wind protection and water resistance while still maintaining ample freedom of movement for aerobic activities. The women’s ski line sees the addition of the Orizion and Kyril Pants. La Sportiva worked closely with their female athlete team to produce the Kyril Pant. This piece is designed for up-tempo training sessions and uses a variety of materials to perfectly balance protection, breathability, and fit. The Orizion is a comfortable softshell pant made from stretchy recycled materials and is a perfect pant for ski touring or cross-country skiing outings. The Orizion Pant is priced at $149 and the Kyril Pant will retail for $129.

The Session Tech hoody and Alya Vest were created to handle intense training sessions in cold weather. The Alya Vest is made from 100% recycled materials and features Primaloft Thermoplum Insulation on the front for warmth, and a stretchy breathable material on the back and sides that wicks away moisture when moving fast. The Alya Vest comes in multiple colors for men and women and will be priced at $119. The session Tech Hoody is a carefully constructed top for aerobic activities that is made with a variety of different materials in order to optimize ventilation and protection. This hoody is available for men and women and will retail at $139.

The entire apparel line for both men and women will be available at fine specialty retailers across the country and at in the Fall of 2022. Select samples for media will be available during the spring and fall of 2022. Contact La Sportiva PR representative Sean Van Horn at or Cory Lowe at for more information.


With over 90 years of heritage, La Sportiva has unrivaled experience in building the world’s finest performance mountain footwear. Creating innovation through passion, La Sportiva now offers the most versatile technical climbing, mountaineering, Mountain Running® and hiking shoes on the market as well as ski mountaineering hardware and apparel. For more information on La Sportiva visit or visit their Facebook page at: