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TAXA Outdoors Expands Overland Edition with New TigerMoth and Mantis Overland Habitats for 2021

December 8, 2020

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Erika Kuorikoski
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Houston, TX

HOUSTON, TX (December 8, 2020)TAXA Outdoors, the leading manufacturer of lightweight, mobile human habitats for outdoor adventure, expands its Overland edition for the road less traveled with its brand new Mantis and TigerMoth Overland habitats, and an updated Cricket Overland model for 2021.

Overlanding offers outdoor enthusiasts the ability to converge numerous activities, from camping to kayaking to mountain biking and more. In this time of social distancing, Out is In TM, and getting into nature affords a change of scenery while still staying isolated. With the expansion of TAXA’s Overland edition to include the TigerMoth and Mantis habitats, consumers now have more options than ever to find a habitat suitable to their needs to seek out the most challenging route and explore remote locations.

With increased ground clearance, the new rougher, stronger Overland edition habitats are designed to provide all of the necessities for you to travel further down a dirt road. Each new 2021 Overland edition habitat features:

  • A lock ‘n roll hitch, the most versatile on road, off road hitch on the market. Utilizing 360 degrees of rotation and 3 axis movement, this on-road, off-road hitch offers the freedom you can’t get with a ball hitch.
  • Timbren Axle-Less suspension with 4” lift that allows you to go off road without the usual limitations associated with a thru-axle. Progressive rubber springs and urethane bushings give your trailer a ride that is quiet and smooth.
  • Alloy Wheels with Cooper Discoverer AT3LT 225/75R16 On-Off-Road All-Terrain Tires engineered to tackle dirt, gravel, mud, and the urban jungle. The Discoverer AT3LT combines off-road prowess with agreeable on-road comfort and year-round traction, including in light snow.

Mantis Overland 2021

The best-selling Mantis is now available in an Overland edition. The 2021 Mantis Overland offers more living space for bigger families and an open-air design intended to bring the outdoors in. With increased ground clearance, the new Mantis Overland is ideal for exploration and adventure travel. Innovations to the 2021 Mantis include an upgraded air conditioner unit, thoughtful updates to the kitchen area, and increased storage throughout the habitat.

Kitchen features include a separate sink and a two-burner stove, which offers more space to cook, and a newly created ‘open shelving’ concept – made from baltic birch plywood and powder coated steel – for additional kitchen storage. The new high density polyethylene (HDPE) backsplash panel behind the sink and stove offers more durability in the ‘splash zone.’ And redesigned kitchen cabinetry concentrates electrical and plumbing systems in one spot and allows for easier maintenance and repair.

Additional storage has been added with two storage towers made from a milk crate drawer system. Each tower comes equipped with a trio of full size milk crates that act as drawers, secured with bungee cords while traveling, and can be easily removed for effortless loading and unloading. Plywood cabinetry under the bed has been updated to powder coated steel supports to open up storage space and allow for more customized storage, divided by bungees. And to solve an everyday problem, the new 2021 Mantis Overland offers a solution for garbage with a new 16-gallon trash can that is standard in every 2021 model.

Like all of TAXA’s 2021 Overland Edition habitats, The 2021 Mantis Overland features Timbren Axle-Less 5,000 lbs suspension with 4″ Lift, a Lock ‘N’ Roll Hitch, and Alloy Wheel + Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT 225/75R16 Tires. The 2021 Mantis Overland habitat comes standard with a folding couch/bunk bed system and a wet bath consisting of a cassette toilet and a shower and is available in Titanium or White.

The 2021 Mantis Overland loaded is now available at $49,950 MSRP.

TigerMoth Overland

The new TigerMoth Overland makes its long awaited debut in 2021. This lightweight and most rugged TAXA habitat was built for long road trips and now can take on even more challenging terrain. For 2021, the TigerMoth has been updated most notably with a new window (for a total of four windows) in the front for updated, optional AC placement. With innovative doors and a large side hatch, the TigerMoth has incomparable ventilation and views.

A pull-out camp kitchen with a two-burner stove and a gravel guard are included in the Overland model. The 2021 TigerMoth Overland edition also comes standard with THULE® Adjustable Roof Load Bars, Tongue Tool Box, 5 lb Propane Tank and Mount, and an awning with a mosquito net and screen doors. Like all of TAXA’s 2021 Overland Edition habitats, the 2021 TigerMoth Overland features Timbren Axle-Less 2,200 lbs Suspension with 4″ Lift, Lock ‘N’ Roll Hitch, and Alloy Wheel + Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT 225/75R16 Tires.

The 2021 TigerMoth Overland is available in Titanium and White and loaded at $24,950 MSRP.

Cricket Overland

The lightweight, rugged 2021 Cricket Overland with increased 14.5” ground clearance lets you travel further down a dirt road.This NASA-inspired human habitat comfortably fits two adults and two kids, and features integrated plumbing and electrical systems for more comfortable trips off-grid.

TAXA prides itself on intentionally designed small spaces, and the fully redesigned kitchen of the 2021 Cricket Overland is no exception. Kitchen cabinetry has been redesigned to concentrate electrical and plumbing systems in one spot, allowing for easier maintenance and repair. An HDPE backsplash panel, tough birch plywood and high-pressure laminate countertops offer an improved kitchen workspace, and a new separate sink and two-burner stove allows for more space to cook.

Like the Mantis Overland, the 2021 Cricket Overland features additional storage thanks to a milk crate drawer system, secured with bungee cords, perfect for storing camp essentials. An under-bed update features powder-coated steel supports, rather than plywood cabinetry, for more open and customizable storage.

For those hot days on the road, the addition of a window on the rear driver side allows for a better, more aerodynamic air conditioning placement. The Cricket Overland edition comes standard with THULE® Adjustable Roof Load Bars, two kids berths, Soft Goods Package (Awning, Entry Screen Door, Shower Tent) and a portable toilet. Like all of TAXA’s 2021 Overland Edition habitats, the 2021 Cricket Overland features Timbren Axle-Less 3,500 lbs Suspension with 4″ Lift, a Lock ‘N’ Roll Hitch, and Alloy Wheel + Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT 225/75R16 Tires.

The 2021 Cricket Overland Edition is available in Titanium or White loaded at $38,950 MSRP.

The 2021 Overland models will be available at your local RV dealer. To find a dealer near you visit To stay updated on news from TAXA Outdoors, follow @taxaoutdoors on Instagram or head to 


TAXA Outdoors is an outdoor lifestyle company formed to design and manufacture high performance adventure equipment that helps people reach their goal of connecting with the outdoors. Its products are crafted by hand in Houston, Texas from durable, premium, eco-friendly, high performance material. TAXA’s habitats are designed to make camping fun, comfortable, and secure. TAXA Outdoors attracts a diverse demographic including some RV users, but primarily those who love camping and the outdoors but require more than a tent.