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TAXA Outdoors Announces New Headquarters with Increased Production Capacity

December 17, 2020

Media Contact

Erika Kuorikoski
Verde Brand Communications

Houston, TX

Marking a year of significant growth in the Outdoor industry with an uptick in outdoor recreation and rising demand for recreational vehicles, TAXA Outdoors, the leading manufacturer of lightweight, mobile human habitats for outdoor adventure, announces it will open its new 69,356 square-foot headquarters in northwest Houston on December 23, 2020.

The new facility will allocate 60,000 square feet for its expanded factory, including three production lines and allowing for production capacity exceeding 3,000 habitats per year.

In this time of social distancing, Out is In™ and TAXA has seen a significant increase in the number of habitats the company is selling nationwide – a trend reflective of the current state of the Outdoor and RV industries. TAXA’s 2020 shipments are up 30-percent annually with a current backlog at six months, and forecasts its 2021 shipments to double that of 2020.

“TAXA’s home is in Space City USA, and even though COVID-19 has disrupted much of the travel industry, our business is growing as more people are taking road trips to explore the outdoors,” explained Garrett Finney, CEO of TAXA Outdoors. “Every habitat that has left our factory since March has been presold to the end consumer without any inventory sitting on dealer lots. Our new factory will lead to increased production to meet demand. As we see families take work and school on the road, we see tremendous opportunity to enable more people to adventure outside.”

In addition to bolstering production output, approximately 9,000 square-feet of the headquarters will be allocated for offices and gallery space in which to showcase the various models of TAXA’s habitats. Located at 7930 Blankenship Drive, Houston, TX 77055, the new facility will also house a podcast studio, meeting area, and community yoga space.

TAXA’s move comes directly on the heels of the company’s announcement of three new Overland models to the habitat lineup for 2021 – the Mantis Overland, Cricket Overland and TigerMoth Overland – which provide all of the necessities for travel deep into the unexplored.

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TAXA Outdoors is an outdoor lifestyle company formed to design and manufacture high performance adventure equipment that helps people reach their goal of connecting with the outdoors. Its products are crafted by hand in Houston, Texas from durable, premium, eco-friendly, high performance material. TAXA’s habitats are designed to make camping fun, comfortable, and secure. TAXA Outdoors attracts a diverse demographic including some RV users, but primarily those who love camping and the outdoors but require more than a tent.