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Schoeller Wins 1st Bluesign Award

March 1, 2008

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Shannon Walton

Schoeller first company to receive the bluesign® Award

Companies who gear their production to the bluesign® Standard guarantee their direct customers and the consumer that, throughout the entire manufacturing chain, only those components and processes are used which are safe for humans and the environment. In 2001, Schoeller Switzerland was the first company to anchor the bluesign® standard as its “production statute”. And in January 2008, the Swiss market leader for innovative fabrics and smart textile technologies became the first company to receive the bluesign® Award for system partnership.

System partners of bluesign technologies ag ( hold the key to manufacturing sustainable and ethically responsible products which are both modern and uncompromising in design, function and comfort. Companies wishing to become system partners commit themselves to using bluesign® analysed and approved raw materials and processes for their “bluesign® products” and to submitting themselves to screening. This generally optimizes the entire production process, orients the company to the demands of the future and, in addition, leads to higher cost efficiency.

Schoeller was a system partner from the outset
In the 90s, together with other companies such as Nike or the former Ciba, Schoeller Switzerland initiated an ecologically-oriented production and quality standard which was also tailored to the requirements of a discerning clientele. “Man is the central focus of our endeavours. We wish to support him in his work, in his leisure time and in his sporting activities with premium, intelligent and ecologically-safe textiles,” is how Hans-Jürgen Hübner describes the longstanding company philosophy of the Swiss firm. For each product development, we give equal consideration to the question of functional enhancement and the issue of ecological compatibility. “In the past, there were no hard and fast answers to these questions. Thanks to bluesign®, that is not the case today,” continues Hans-Jürgen Hübner. The CEO of Schoeller Textil AG is delighted that bluesign® is well on the way to gaining the significance which was at the core of the initial idea. Today, more and more people around the globe subscribe to this credo: the necessity for safe products, environment-friendly production and the economical use of resources. Since 2001, Schoeller Textil AG has been producing in accordance with the bluesign® Standard. “This year we inaugurated the bluesign® Award in order to provide our system partners with a “visual sign of their future-oriented mindset”, says Detlef Fischer, VP of bluesign technologies ag, at the presentation of the first Award in Sevelen. “It is clear that the first Award had to go to Schoeller. Our very first system partner had a pioneering role not only in terms of products but also in production.” The independent and international bluesign® Standard is based on five pillars: resource productivity, consumer protection, air emissions, water emissions and occupational safety. In equal measure, it gives suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, brands and the consumer the positive assurance of having done everything possible in terms of the environment, health and safety.