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Rockrooster Footwear to launch new line of outdoor shoes/ Rockrooster Footwear to start producing outdoor shoes

December 1, 2021

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Rock Rooster Footwear Inc.

United States

Leather Footwear Company, Rock Rooster Footwear, has announced its new plan of producing outdoor shoes, expanding its range from work shoes to outdoor shoes. 

The 35-year-old company arrived at the decision to start producing outdoor shoes after one year of market research and testing. This is Rock Rooster  new milestone from one area to another. 

The first batch will consist of 15 pairs of the outdoor shoes that are to be launched during 2022. 

The first two models will be launched officially in March and pre-orders will be accepted as from January. Brand members have the privilege of half-price reservation. 

The two, The Farmington and Bedrock collections, are unique about lightweight, wearable Vibram outsole and waterproof features.

Vibram Support: Part of Vibram’s Italian-made Heritage Series, the Christy sole is a lightweight blown rubber sole which provides sneaker-like comfort and excellent traction on natural terrain and pavement alike.

The Farmington is the location of British Columbia. Bedrock in geology is solid rock that lies under loose softer material. Bedrock refers to the hard working of the blue collar, it gives professional support to people who work from indoor to outdoor.

In addition, Rockrooster, which has long been dedicated to men’s shoes, has introduced color and size schemes to Bedrock for women.

The 2022 design for outdoor shoes is integrated into the black and red brand colors, and the image of the rooster in the logo is also integrated into the appearance of the shoe. 

From the above,this new product is worth looking forward to. 

About Rockrooster Footwear

Rock Rooster was established originally in Tasman, Australia in 1980s. The founder started the company as a handmade leather shoe store and cobbler for the local farmers and miners. The company has since grown exponentially and is now among the top shoe manufacturing companies well known for the quality of shoes that it produces. 


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