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prAna Launches #NotGoingTo Campaign to Inspire Change through Inaction

May 3, 2021

Media Contact

Julie Campagnoli
JAM Collective

Carlsbad, CA

Today, prAna, creator of Clothing for Positive Change and a leader in sustainable, outdoor fashion, announced the launch of its social impact campaign #NotGoingTo inspiring people to reconsider their everyday routines and pledge one eco-unfriendly habit they will stop doing to help the planet. During the three week campaign that kicks off today, prAna will award eco-friendly gifts for its favorite submissions to help people keep their promise.

“As a brand, we believe in the power of positive change, recognizing that sometimes positive change can happen when you least expect it, even in a pandemic,” Jeff Haack, VP of Marketing at prAna. “If there’s been one silver lining from sheltering at home, it’s been the impressive impact that’s had on the planet – from less pollution to healthier wildlife. This got us thinking – instead of asking people to do something more from a sustainability perspective, what if we inspired them to do something less and in doing so, we collectively help change the planet.”

Through the #NotGoingTo campaign, prAna invites people to identify an eco-unfriendly habit they can commit to giving up and post their personal pledge with a photo or video related to that habit on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #NotGoingTo and tag @prAna. A panel of prAna representatives will review submissions with #NotGoingTo tags for its environmental impact, level of personal commitment, and uniqueness. Winners, limited to US residents, will be announced on a weekly basis and contacted by direct message with a grand prize winner announced the week of May 24, 2021.

prAna’s commitment to sustainability and Clothing for Positive Change has been a core value of the brand since the it was founded in 1992, which is reflected in the brand’s clothing that demonstrates respect for the planet and its people through implementing eco-friendly fibers such as organic cotton, hemp, TENCELTM Lyocell and Modal, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, and REFIBRATM, standards and practices to ensure the responsible treatment of animals through RDS-certified down and RWS-certified wool, and has partnered with Fair Trade USA for over a decade with the goal of having 100-percent of its clothing made in a Fair Trade CertifiedTM Factory by 2028.

The dedication to sustainability extends beyond the apparel, to include prAna’s eco-conscious packaging that began in 2010 with its roll-pack method, allowing the brand to eliminate over 20 million plastic bags from its shipping practices. Additionally, prAna has pledged to eliminate virgin plastic from its consumer packaging by the end 2021, the use of Ancient and Endangered Forest by 2022, and to eliminate virgin forest fibers by 2025. In August 2020, the brand launched the Responsible Packaging Movement, sharing its best practices and long-term learnings with fellow like-minded brands and the greater prAna community with the intention of influencing an industry-wide seismic shift in packaging. #ReshapePackaging


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We inspire you to chase adventure, thrive, and stay active in your unique way. We strive to responsibly outfit those adventures with respect for the planet and its people. We commit to education and exploration in the name of progress so we can all create Clothing for Positive Change. Whether you’re commuting to work or wandering the globe, rest assured we’ve been there and used those moments to design better and sustainably made product.