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Outdoor Industry Statement on Official Beginning to U.S. Withdrawal From the Paris Climate Accord

November 4, 2019

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Cody Wertz

BOULDER, Colo., November 4, 2019 – The outdoor industry knows too well the negative impacts that the increasing rate of climate change is having on the land and water Americans recreate on. Compound these with the fact that today marks the official beginning of the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, and it is a recipe for disaster to outdoor recreation, the outdoor recreation industry and Americans’ outdoor health among much more. Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and several of its members released the following statements expressing their concerns with the withdrawal:

“Climate change is having an adverse impact on our planet, our population and our societies. It is disappointing that the Trump administration has chosen to actually begin withdrawing from a global accord with such importance to our future.” – Tim Boyle, President and CEO, Columbia Sportswear

“At Nemo Equipment, we are committed to doing our part to address climate change through our daily actions and by continuing to develop ways to make our products more sustainably. While we as a company are working hard to raise the stakes and drive change, global action and large-scale solutions are critical. Withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accords is a step backwards at a time when we need to be driving forward, innovating, creating new solutions and working together to address this global threat.” – Cam Brensinger, Founder and CEO, NEMO Equipment

“We are opposed to the Trump administration’s choice to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement and taking strong action on climate change is good for future generations of explorers and is also good for our business – to stay competitive and protect our outdoor playgrounds. As a signatory of Business Backs Low-Carbon USA and a member of BICEP since 2009, we will continue to do our part, in our own operations and beyond, to realize the Paris Agreement’s commitment to a global economy that limits global temperature rise.” – Arne Arens, Global Brand President, The North Face

“Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord makes the U.S. the only nation in the world not to be part of the agreement. There is no confusion: Climate denial and inaction are putting our health, prosperity and communities at risk. Fortunately, the formal withdrawal from the Paris Accord cannot become effective until November 4, 2020 – one day after the next presidential election, when we must seize the opportunity to lead by example.” – Rose Marcario, President and CEO, Patagonia

“It’s our responsibility to leave the world and the outdoors better than we found it, and when future generations look back on today, they will see the decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord as a failure. As we said in 2017, leaving the Paris Accord is a step back for the outdoors, for our nation and for our shared future. REI has been a leader on sustainability, and we are committing the power of our membership to tackle climate change. The co-op, alongside our outdoor industry partners, must lead in the fight for life outdoors and take clear action to address climate change, for all future generations.” – Eric Artz, President and CEO, REI Co-op

“It is alarming that, despite broad public support for the Paris Climate Accords, President Trump has chosen to continue down this lonely trail of leaving the agreement. The outdoor recreation economy’s strength depends on clean air, healthy water sources and forests that haven’t been completely decimated – inaction on climate issues puts all of those components at continued risk. It also continues to put our federal, state and local economies at increased risk. Outdoor Industry Association and its members encourage the administration to reverse course for the sake of our industry, our children and our outdoors.” – Patricia Rojas-Ungar, Vice President of Government Affairs, OIA.


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