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January 24, 2018

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Deborah Williams
Outdoor Industry Association

Outdoor Industry Association to produce unique film series about the outdoorists who demand more sustainable gear and apparel and the outdoor companies that make it.

BOULDER, Colo. – January 24, 2018 – Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is producing a film series to tell the stories of outdoor companies that operate with purpose and environmental consciousness and demonstrate transparent, sustainable business practices. The stories showcase unprecedented pre-competitive collaboration among the OIA Sustainability Working Group including companies using the Higg Index, a sustainability measurement tool, in their manufacturing processes.

“Consumers are demanding a higher level of transparency and social consciousness from companies,” said Johnny Alamo, the producer of the film series. “The outdoor industry—led by OIA’s Sustainability Working Group—is answering that call by suggesting that purpose is the new business imperative to achieve a values-driven future. The Outdoor Industry Film Series features culturally relevant storytelling that will drive brand awareness and revenue for our partners while inspiring the next generation to be conscious consumers and stewards of the outdoors.”

“The member companies in the OIA Sustainability Working Group—competitors in the outdoor marketplace—have been working together for over ten years to establish standards and improve practices in their shared global supply chains,” said Beth Jensen, OIA’s senior director of sustainable business innovation. “In that time, they’ve established the outdoor industry as a leader in collaboration and impact reduction. But how many consumers, or even other industries, know about this work? It’s high time we start to tell the stories involved in these efforts, to raise awareness of the outdoor industry’s commitment to using business to drive impact reduction and to encourage others to follow suit.”

Our host and featured athletes will introduce viewers to product designers, factory workers, brand execs, retail employees and concerned outdoor consumers in order to explore where outdoor gear comes from, how and by whom it’s made and the footprint it leaves on the places we love to explore.

Issues in the film series include exploring how companies are going about sourcing sustainable materials sourcing; addressing challenges and opportunities around use of chemicals and PFC; improving factory conditions; promoting animal welfare; identifying supply chain improvements and closing the loop via end-of-life solutions.

With each episode, viewers will also embark on a cultural adventure. They’ll meet the local people who make their outdoor gear and get a unique perspective of the inner workings of the supply chain, fostering a deep emotional connection with the featured sustainably focused brands.

About Outdoor Industry Association
Based in Boulder, Colorado, with offices in Washington, D.C., Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the leading trade association for the outdoor industry and the title sponsor of Outdoor Retailer. Outdoor Industry Association unites and serves over 1,300 manufacturer, supplier, sales representative and retailer members through its focus on trade and recreation policy, sustainable business innovation and outdoor participation. For more information, visit

About Johnny Alamo Entertainment
Johnny Alamo Entertainment, based in Boulder, Colorado, is sports and entertainment business that sits at a beautiful intersection between social impact and sports, film and live events. The organization’s mission is to foster purpose-driven storytelling and partnerships that deliver genuine audience engagement.

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