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Outdoor Industry Calls Mexico Tariffs ‘Nonsensical’

June 10, 2019

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Cody Wertz
Freestone Strategies, LLC
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“This administration’s continued efforts to utilize our nation’s trade laws to force action by our foreign partners is nonsensical and places more and more burdens on American companies and consumers. Not only does it harm the prospects of a successful USMCA, it also puts the possibility of future trade agreements at risk. Our top trading partners are watching and likely calling into question the value of entering into free trade agreements with a U.S. government that on a whim will impose tariffs to force their hand on unrelated foreign policy. We urge the administration to retract the decision to impose tariffs on Mexico and consider the broader implications of this effort on our nation’s overall trade agenda and economy. We remain committed to helping advance USMCA’s ratification through Congress.”

– Patricia Rojas-Ungar, Outdoor Industry Association’s Vice President of Government Affairs.