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Outdoor apparel, textile maker Youngone wins 2023/24 ISPO Textrends Award for best new synthetic insulation

June 8, 2022

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SEOUL, South Korea

Youngone, a leading global manufacturer of outdoor and athletic clothing, textiles, footwear and gear, earned a 2023/24 ISPO Textrends Award for its Ecoloft™ ActiVe SR synthetic insulation. 

The award calls out Ecoloft™ ActiVe SR for offering a category-leading combination of sustainable materials, breathability for active pursuits, and a warmth-to-weight ratio comparable to down. As the outdoor industry trends increasingly toward sustainable materials, the award also calls out ActiVe SR’s leading combination of recycled and renewable components. 

According to the ISPO jury, Youngone’s unique new insulation “allows sweat to move away from the body to maintain a best-in-class next-to-skin microclimate.” 

The ISPO Award, bestowed by ISPO, one of the primary outdoor and sports industry trade/B2B organizations, is one of the industry’s most prestigious awards. Each year it honors the most exceptional new products in a range of categories. The ISPO Textrends Award focuses specifically on the textile and fabrics category, showcasing ingredient technologies that help lead to groundbreaking new products. Youngone’s 2023/24 award is for the best new technology in the fibers and insulation category. 

Designed for use in aerobic situations, Ecoloft™ ActiVe SR is a vertically oriented, overlapping insulation that features more recycled and renewable content than other industry peers. It uses 35 percent bio-based Sorona®, 55 percent recycled polyester and 10 percent polyester. The vertical orientation and overlapping construction are designed to improve moisture management in both wet and dry conditions in a package that offers compressibility and warmth similar to down, along with a soft, flexible feel and a large comfort range across different conditions. 

Youngone has been a leader in manufacturing outdoor and athletic clothing and gear for nearly 50 years. In recent years, as part of an effort to lead the way in innovation, more effectively control quality in garments and gear, and streamline the supply chain for its customers, Youngone has created its own families of ingredient technologies that can be used in technical apparel. Those include fabrics, insulation, waterproof/breathable membranes. Along with offering customers a range of differentiated technologies, Youngone’s ingredient programs help reduce lead times around component materials for customers in the manufacturing process. 

Ecoloft™ ActiVe SR is part of a family of five different Ecoloft™ insulation technologies from Youngone, with different insulations optimized for activity, warmth and versatility, as well as different material makeups, including synthetics and wool.


About Youngone Corporation 

Founded in 1974, Youngone Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of outdoor/athletic clothing, textiles, footwear, and gear manufactured with a history of innovation, partnership and trust. Chairman Kihak Sung founded Youngone nearly 50 years ago based on a love of nature, outdoor pursuits and a vision for an unrelenting standard of quality. This mission has driven the company’s approach ever since. Youngone continues to be recognized as a pioneer in the outdoor industry, with the continuous improvement of its people and products at the heart of operations. Youngone is based in Seoul, South Korea, with its North American headquarters in Seattle. For more information, visit