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Nikwax Continues Lifelong Commitment to Sustainability, Announcing Roadmap for Next Three Years

January 31, 2022

Media Contact

Kate Ketschek
Revolution House Media

Seattle, WA

Nikwax, the international leader in technical cleaners and waterproofing products for outdoor gear and apparel, has released its sustainability report for the next 3 years. As the leading brand in PFC-free aftercare products, Nikwax understands it has a fundamental responsibility to preserve the natural environment while preventing further damage to the planet and its people. Founded on these principles 45 years ago, and now as a global business, Nikwax’s core values and principles remain the same. The company continues to lead with innovative, sustainable, ethical, authentic, and fair practices.

“When we launched Nikwax in 1977, the environmental movement, as we know it today, was still in its infancy,” said founder Nick Brown. “The term ‘global warming’ had only just been coined and it would be almost two decades before people started talking about their ‘carbon footprint’. Against this background, for us to make environmental protection a specific business objective and stated brand value was positively radical, but those were the values upon which the company was founded. 45 years on, I’m proud to say that protecting our planet is still very much at the heart of Nikwax’s goals. This sustainability report documents the journey we have been on and outlines our goals for the next three years.”

The Sustainability Report highlights Nikwax’s achievements since its founding in 1977 and includes a plan of action for the next three years. Six fields of action guide the brand moving forward: Clean Chemistry, Climate Action, Conservation, Circularity, Ethical & Fair and Experts & Partners.

  • Clean Chemistry: Nikwax aftercare products are water-based and PFC/PFAS-free. The brand has also never used aerosols. Commitment: Continue to produce high performance products that don’t harm people or the planet by adhering to a Chemical Management System in line with the guidelines provided by the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) non-governmental organization.
  • Climate Action: Nikwax’s operational emissions have been measured, reduced and carbon balanced since its founding and a climate action plan is in place to do more. The company is dedicated to combatting further climate change and its negative impact on the planet and people. Commitment: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2025.
  • Conservation: Nikwax currently partners with conservation organizations to help to conserve the natural world and is active on a local, national and global level on initiatives to help to protect and preserve nature for future generations. In North America, Nikwax is an active member of The Conservation Alliance and Plastic Impact Alliance, while partnering with non-profits including POW, Washington Trails Association, and more. Commitment: To donate 1%+ of revenue to ecological and social causes.
  • Circularity: To combat the global waste problem, it is vital to keep materials in the loop for as long as possible by buying quality, ethically sourced and produced gear, with regular care applied to extend its life. Nikwax products enhance the performance and extend the life of outdoor clothing, footwear and gear. To combat the issue of single-use plastics and keep plastic in the loop, Nikwax bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and are recyclable. Commitment: By the end of 2023, 90% of all single use plastic purchased by Nikwax will be made from recycled plastic. 
  • Ethical and Fair: As a values-orientated business, Nikwax believes in treating the people it works with (internally and externally) fairly and equally. Commitment: To become an Employee Owned Trust in 2022 and donate 1%+ of revenue to social and environmental causes. Additionally, by 2025 Nikwax hopes to have all suppliers at a Premium Sustainability Performance level.
  • Experts & Partners: Nikwax believes in collaboration and sharing its knowledge and expertise on the premise that together we can achieve more. Commitment: To continue to work with brands and customers to help to extend the life of outdoor products.

Maïté Angleys, Nikwax’s Director of Sustainability, concludes, “One key message which came out of COP26 was the urgency with which we all need to act. As businesses and individuals, we can always do more. We’re excited to share the findings of our Sustainability Report and the steps we are taking to further reduce our impact on the natural world, while also creating a more positive impact on people.”  

About Nikwax
Nikwax was founded in 1977 by Nick Brown, an avid hiker and traveler, who designed his own waterproofing wax to keep his leather hiking boots dry. Today, Nikwax is the trusted global leader in environmentally safe aftercare solutions. Nikwax products extend the performance life of technical clothing, footwear and equipment. Nikwax’s 40+ year commitment to clean chemistry means never using PFCs or aerosols, and not testing on animals. The carbon balanced company’s product line is water-based and biodegradable. All product bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic that can also be recycled. Nikwax North America is a subsidiary of Nikwax Ltd, a UK company. For media inquiries and more information, please contact Kate Ketschek at Revolution House Media,