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More Trail, More Possibilities With PEARL iZUMi’s Trail Stewardship Initiative

March 28, 2022

Media Contact

Contact: Karen Jarchow, Backbone Media 


PEARL iZUMi, the worldwide leader in premier cycling apparel and footwear, is excited to introduce More Trail, a brand initiative that aims to encourage and support trail stewardship in the mountain bike community. Over the past few years there has been an increase in traffic on trails, putting the places people ride under pressure. More Trail poses trail stewardship as an opportunity for riders to not only take care of the land, but also deepen their connection with the trails they know and love to ride.


PEARL iZUMi is leading the way in this mission with their 501 Trail Pledge; the team has committed to 500 hours of trail service annually, and one percent of their mountain bike apparel sales will be donated to nonprofit grassroots organizations, by state. Every time someone purchases PEARL iZUMi mountain bike apparel the company will donate to a trail group based on the zip code where the sale occurred.


“When we think about what excites us in mountain biking, the words ‘More Trail’ really sum it up,” said Andrew Hammond, Director of Brand Marketing. “As riders we’re always looking to explore new areas and push a little further, and our new 2022 MTB apparel line was built with that in mind. But it’s also important to acknowledge that sustainable trail systems don’t happen by chance. Dedicated members of the community put in the time to create a better riding experience for all. We will support them with our 501 Trail Pledge, while also encouraging more people to get involved, because we see trail stewardship as an opportunity to become a more complete rider, not just an obligation.”


The company’s mountain bike collection focus on high-performance gear to ride more trail, whether it’s pushing further into the backcountry or pushing personal limits in more technical terrain. The trail advocacy side focuses on creating and maintaining more places to ride. At the heart of More Trail is the idea that anyone can push personal boundaries and get more out of the mountain bike experience by going farther, finding more confidence, and getting involved.


For more information, visit trail. Follow and use the hashtag #moretrailmondays on Instagram to see the advocacy work other riders all over the world are doing.


About PEARL iZUMi 

PEARL iZUMi was founded on two things: the love of cycling and, more importantly, love for future generations. The brand originated more than 70 years ago in Japan when the founder created a special jersey out of technical fabric for his son, an aspiring bike racer. Since then, the company has been progressing the design and manufacture of performance apparel and footwear for cyclists of all levels. PEARL iZUMi believes that how we live shapes how future generations ride and is committed to using its business practices, products, and community advocacy to positively impact cycling. PEARL iZUMi’s world headquarters are located in the Colorado Front Range, where it embraces strong influence, both culturally and structurally, from its Japanese heritage.