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Looptworks Teams Up with Kiteboarding Pro Sensi Graves to Repurpose Excess Kite Sail Material

July 29, 2020

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Clare Healy

Portland, OR

Looptworks, the Portland-based circular goods company, has launched its newest collection of 100% upcycled products, created in collaboration with professional kiteboarder and swimsuit entrepreneur Sensi Graves. The Sideshore Collection, designed from pre-consumer excess kiteboarding kite material, brings new life to high-quality materials that would otherwise have been destined for landfills. 

“Sensi and I met through a founder’s peer-to-peer mentoring group, Starve Ups. With our shared background in the apparel industry, our mutual passion for water sports, and our commitments to the environment, it became clear it would be a ton of fun collaborating.” says Looptworks, founder and CEO, Scott Hamlin. With an aim to reduce excess in the industry supply chain and to start a conversation about zero waste and circularity, The Sideshore Collection was created. While sustainable fashion is nothing new, placing equal emphasis on the “fashion” end of things is. Together Looptworks and Sensi were able to create a collection that is equally as flashy as it is green.

Diverting petroleum-heavy synthetic materials used in the manufacturing of kiteboarding sails, the partnership resulted in a collection in a vivid, retro palette that is iconically summer. Touching on neon tones of the 90s, the summer camp chic collection turns everyday travel essentials into accessories that pop with color. Lightweight, extremely durable, and eye-catching, this striking series can take the daily beating of your morning commute or weekend adventures and still turn heads mile after mile. 

Through the upcycling process, Looptworks products conserve water, prevent waste from ending up in landfills, and reduce carbon emissions. In turn, consumers have the opportunity to do good for the planet with every purchase from the collection.

The Looptworks Sideshore Collection includes: 

The Stash Sling – This 9L bag comes standard with double reinforced straps, interior and exterior zip pockets, and natural water-resistance – a perfect grab-and-go accessory. Conserves an estimated 4.5 gallons of water and 2.18 kg of CO2 through avoidance of virgin material creation. MSRP $34.95

The Day Tripper Cinch – At 36L capacity, this double lined bag is a beach trip or summer day trip powerhouse. Designed for Sensi’s travel-heavy lifestyle, lightweight and packability were at the forefront. Conserves an estimated 10 gallons of water and 4.94 kg of CO2 through avoidance of virgin material creation. MSRP $59

The BeachComber Pouch – Intended to help keep damp clothes or other accessories organized, this pouch is simple, durable, and naturally water-resistant. Conserves an estimated 1.3 gallons of water and .65 kg of CO2 through avoidance of virgin material creation. MSRP $19

The Commuter Tote – Anchored by lightweight material and convertible straps, the Commuter can shine as a shoulder-carried tote or a double-strapped backpack, designed for in-town adventures. Conserves an estimated 5.5 gallons of water and 2.7 kg of CO2 through avoidance of virgin material creation. MSRP $35 

The Weekender Duffel – Unique colors and limited-editions are what make Looptworks upcycled goods so unique and this duffel is no different. With 36L capacity, interior compartments, and convertible straps, this duffel is a summer essential. Conserves an estimated 14 gallons of water and 6.8 kg of CO2 each. MSRP $79.95 

See photos of the collection here.

The entire collection is available as of July 30, 2020 at

About Looptworks

Founded in 2009, Looptworks is a leader in the circular economy industry around textiles. They are a Portland, Oregon-based B Corporation that repurposes and upcycles abandoned pre-consumer and post-consumer materials into limited edition products that protect our water and air. 

Looptworks partners with companies in various industries including athletic, automotive, aviation, outdoor, and entertainment to reach zero-waste-to-landfill goals while building brand stories, most notably Southwest Airlines, Patagonia, the NBA, and others. Throughout all efforts, the Looptworks mission is to protect people and the planet through closed-loop systems, using only what already exists. To learn more, visit

About Sensi Graves Bikinis

Sensi Graves Bikinis designs sustainable swimwear that’s made to move. Designed by a professional kiteboarder, Sensi Graves offers quality, functional swimwear with inclusive sizing and confidence-building designs. The brand’s mission is to empower women in watersports by giving them the confidence they need and the tools they can rely on. 

Sensi Graves Bikinis is committed to conscious and ethical manufacturing and promoting sustainability. They manufacture in the US with fabrics made from reclaimed fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles. They donate 1% of our sales to environmental groups, offset all of their carbon, and use compostable or recycled packaging. 

Learn more at