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Light & Motion Introduces Vya: Powerful & Compact Commuter Bike Lights Featuring Smart Sensors & Plant-Based Materials

April 18, 2018

Media Contact

Julie Atherton
JAM Collective

Marina, CA

Light & Motion, the premier US manufacturer of performance bike lights, is once again leading with innovation with the new Vya line of head and tail lights—a powerful range of smart commuter lights designed for premium day and night visibility.

Vya’s breakthrough, sustainable overmold technology—made of plant-based materials—makes the lights 50 percent smaller than other high-powered rechargeable lights, while delivering up to 250 lumens of illumination. The cutting-edge design is aimed at premium traffic visibility in an ultra-compact design that can be seen over 1.25 miles away.

Vya incorporates Smart Sensors into the platform so there are no on/off buttons. Bike commuters just lock it in the mount with an easy quarter-turn and go. The motion sensor turns Vya on automatically when the bike is in motion, and shuts it off when stopped, with a delay built in for stoplights. Additionally, Vya Pro headlight senses ambient light and auto adjusts the mode with daytime SafePulse and a solid beam for night. With the Vya series, safe commuting becomes effortless; cyclists will never forget to turn on their lights when they embark or shut them off after the ride.

The light’s USB blade is used for both secure mounting to the bike plus charging the light. Commuters can just pop it into their computer once they arrive at work if they need to recharge.

The Vya line also features Light & Motion’s innovative new SafePulse—a scientifically developed beam pattern that dramatically improves driver awareness and ability to safely pass cyclists. Studies show that flashing lights destroy a driver’s depth perception, making it hard for them to safely locate the rider. The SafePulse improves the overtaking driver’s ability to judge distance and relative motion and thereby safely pass.

Key Features

  • Smart sensors for button-free activation
  • Auto Sense Headlight detects ambient light and automatically adjusts to the safest riding mode, pulsing in the daytime and remaining steady at night
  • Made with an industry-first, plant-based, bio-renewable body that is completely waterproof
  • USB blade acts as both the mount insert and charging point
  • 200-/100-lumen headlights and 100-/50-lumen taillights certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • SafePulse proven to maximize visibility by aiding in a driver’s depth perception of cyclist to safely locate and overtake
  • Amber side lighting creates 180 degrees of protective visibility
  • Pro models have custom optics that tailor the beam for maximum illumination
  • Taillight seat rail clamp accessory gets the Vya as high as possible for better visibility
  • 50 percent more compact than other high-powered commuter lights, making them easy to stash
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating for all-conditions commuting – fully submersible
  • Backed by Light & Motion’s 2 Year Warranty and Enhanced Experience Guarantee

The Vya line includes four models:

  • Vya Pro Headlight
    • 200 lumens,
    • 2-6 hour run time
    • MSRP: $49.99
  • Vya Headlight
    • 100 lumens
    • 10 hour run time
    • MSRP: $39.99
  • Vya Pro Taillight
    • 100 lumens
    • 6 hour run time
    • MSRP: $59.99
  • Vya Taillight
    • 50 lumens
    • 8 hour run time
    • MSRP: $39.99