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Introducing The Stitch-Free Revolution In Performance Gear

March 30, 2022

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Stealth Welded Seams

Ben Mears

Hong Kong

This April, Stealth, the leading global manufacturing experts in performance gear, is launching a first to market, patented seam welding technology that removes the need for stitching. The technology results in seams that are tougher, warmer and entirely durable, for longer-lasting products that protect adventurers from the harshest elements. This expertly engineered welding process uses no stitching, no external heat and no glue, making performance wear: 50% stronger, 90% warmer, half the thickness of traditional seams*, and enables lightweight fabrics to be welded without damage for the first time in history.  


Stealth’s revolutionary technology is masterminded by two manufacturing experts; Richard Strompf, also an outdoor adventurer and chemical engineer Karl Lu who share a common belief that outdoor and performance wear has a major problem – it’s stitched.


Despite the rapid evolution of performance fabrics over the last decade, many manufacturing technology processes that promise protection against the elements are failing through; weak seams allowing seeping water and air, weak glue that delaminates over time and heat damage through the application of tape.


Since the sewing machine was invented almost 200 years ago, there has been no significant robust alternative to seam construction – until now. Stealth uses a patented sonic and high-frequency process capable of welding a choice of synthetic based materials derived from virgin, recycled or bio (plant-based) sources. Across apparel, outdoor gear and tents, Stealth’s new welded seam technology provides endless possibilities for performance brands to create game-changing performance products.


Karl Lu, the inventor of Stealth, says;


‘There’s too much outdoor gear today that fails after only a few seasons – we wanted to create performance products that last. We know that 80%** of the climate impact happens in manufacturing, so making durable gear that lasts longer is key in our sustainability efforts.’




Stealth provides a world of performance without compromise – tougher, warmer, and entirely durable. No weak links, no doubts, no vulnerabilities. Now the world and nature can be experienced close-up without fear of your gear failing youStealth seams set you free!



Editor’s notes:


  • Richard Strompf, combines his 30 years in performance wear production with first-hand adventure experience. He has the unique vantage point of knowing how performance wear fails across ocean and land and the pitfalls of current production methods.
  • Karl Lu, a chemical engineer and manufacturing expert, has a 20-year history of innovation through developing new products and technologies and revolutionizing production methods.
  • *Stealth seams testing information can be found at
  • **Environmental-assessment-of-Swedish-clothing-consumption