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Granite Gear Ignites the Unity Blaze with Black Folks Camp Too

December 8, 2020

Media Contact

Julie Bacon
Hot Skillet Media

Two Harbors, MN

A blazing symbol of inclusivity

The campfire is our oldest tradition and its warmth is ingrained in our DNA. Blazes are internationally recognized as beacons of navigation. The “Unity Blaze” forges bonds across all aspects of adventure with the motto, “Treat everyone, everywhere equally.” Black Folks Camp Too is pioneering a new symbol of acceptance in the outdoors with the Unity Blaze. Their mission is to increase diversity in the outdoor industry by removing fears, adding knowledge and inviting “more” Black Folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everybody. Granite Gear is sparking a partnership with BFCT by releasing the first outdoor product sporting the campfire symbol, the Unity Blaze Scurry Daypack in two colors.

“This Unity Blaze Scurry Daypack from Granite Gear is a game-changer. It’s creating a safe space, or better yet a brave space, for anyone interested in enjoying the outdoor lifestyle,” says Earl B. Hunter, Jr., Founder and President of Black Folks Camp Too. “When you see the Unity Blaze you know that you are welcomed, you know that you are safe and you know that the person rocking that Unity Blaze treats everyone, everywhere equally. They are intentionally signaling that they camp with any and everybody… and that, my friends, is going to change the world, one blazed backpack at a time.”

This initial limited run of Unity Blaze Scurry Daypacks at 30% off is a teaser for a larger collection of packs carrying the Unity Blaze that will launch in Spring 2021. For those who miss the first round of daypacks, Unity Blaze patches can still be purchased on BFCT’s website and sewn or ironed onto existing gear.

A substantial contribution from the Unity Blaze Scurry Daypack sales will go directly to Black Folks Camp Too’s business. BFCT will use funds from the collaboration with Granite Gear to launch their (DEI) Digital Education Initiative, which will be the driving force behind their mission to remove fears, add knowledge and invite “more” Black Folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everybody. Anyone who is interested in learning how to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle will have free access to outdoor educational content including; how-to and inspirational videos, educational infographics, how-to blogs, logistical planning and packing lists, pro-tips, and more.

Granite Gear’s General Manager, Rob Coughlin, says, “Working with Earl at Black Folks Camp Too was a chance we could not turn down. Besides making kick ass packs, Granite Gear strives to make the outdoors and all places inclusive. With the Unity Blaze initiative, we’ll be able to tell that story with every pack. Granite Gear is humbled to be able to participate and partner with Earl and all of the good people at Black Folks Camp Too.”

To get an inside look at this collaboration, tune into Granite Gear’s weekly Instagram series, A Hot Minute, on Wednesday, December 9nd at 3pm CST hosted by Earl and Rob. For more information on the Unity Blaze collection, contact Julie Bacon at or 603-978-5530.

About Granite Gear
For 33 years, Granite Gear has brought cutting-edge products to the outdoor marketplace. Their award-winning backpacks, adventure travel gear, extensive variety of storage sacks, lifestyle accessories, and canoe gear offer excellence in design and construction. Granite Gear’s desire is for all outdoor enthusiasts and travelers to experience the incredible durability and comfort of their products. Located in Northern Minnesota, just minutes from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Superior Hiking Trail, they have a rugged and beautiful testing ground for their products. You can find out more about Granite Gear on their site, Facebook, or Instagram. Learn about Granite Gear’s Grounds Keepers program here.

About Black Folks Camp Too
Black Folks Camp Too was founded in 2019 by Earl B. Hunter, Jr. Before founding Black Folks Camp Too, Earl was an experienced business leader across multiple industries and a leading sales executive in the RV Industry where he grew the business from $1 million to $17.5 million in sales in 4 years. In 2015, Earl embarked on a road trip around North America with his 7 year old son, Dillon. Along their three-month journey they explored the highlights of the continental US and Canada and visited 49 campgrounds. The journey was as eye-opening as it was adventurous—they saw only one other Black family camping during the entire trip. That disparity and the desire to share the camping experience and outdoor lifestyle with other Black Folks drove Earl to found Black Folks Camp Too and drive its mission of removing fears, adding knowledge and inviting Black Folks to camp with any and everybody. Learn more at