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To Our Fellow Outdoor Industry Members Regarding COVID-19 Virus

April 20, 2020

Media Contact

Steve Cohen

Protective Face Masks Now Available from Masterfit

First and foremost, we at Masterfit Enterprises hope you are safe and healthy at this difficult period of our lifetimes. Our Metro New York-based team has sadly lost some relatives and friends to COVID-19. So far, everyone associated with Masterfit has escaped the ravages of the virus. We hope your friends, family and co-workers have too.

Masterfit has used our sourcing connections to secure an on-going supply of Type II surgical-style and KN95 respirator protective face masks. After a two-week shut down, we have resumed operations but pivoted to selling protective face masks using our logistics, sales, marketing and fulfillment skills. 

We are helping where we can do the most good and are primarily supplying healthcare facilities, first responder departments, governmental agencies, airlines, supermarkets and other essential public interfacing organizations who are having difficulty obtaining necessary face masks during the current pandemic crisis. It has been rewarding for us to help these organizations keep their employees, patients, citizens and customers safe.

We’d also like to extend a hand to our industry compatriots. We are making limited quantities of our protective face masks available to you with a special industry discounted.

Visit the Masterfit COVID-19 webstore and use the coupon code FOMCOVID1910 to receive 10% off your surgical mask order. You may purchase up to 100 surgical style masks using your discount and 40 KN95s per week (at regular price). You may share the discount code with your employees and co-workers but PLEASE KEEP DISTRIBUTION WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION. This is a special courtesy we are extending to outdoor industry members. You may share the link itself without the coupon code with others who may be seeking masks. Our regular prices are among the lowest to be found at the current time. 

We wish you good health and safety during this unprecedented health crisis and look forward to again sharing fun times outdoors in the future.

Steve Cohen for the Masterfit Team