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Eco Bottle Launches “Style” Through “Sustainability”

July 13, 2012

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Mark Tedeschi

True North Brand Group, Inc.



No less than five years of research, design and prototyping, Eco Bottle is proud to release the world’s ONLY re-usable fluid carrier (bottle) with a patented closure system that accommodates: ease of hydration, enhances hygiene and is a sexy aesthetic second to none.

Practical solutions to every day challenges create the greatest innovation, C.E.O. and Design Impresario Marta Mikita-Wilson has embraced a personal mission to innovate, educate, and ex-cit-tate the global market towards the importance of using re-useable bottles.

Not your everyday tin bottle, Makita-Wilson and her team have delivered a wide mouth bottle that can accommodate cold and hot beverages without jeopardizing the enjoyment of drinking. The Eco bottle is the zenith of art and innovation.

Salient differentiator’s: 

  • Patented Triple Lock System – The triple lock system is a quick triple thread that tightly seals the bottle with a mere half turn
  • Swiss Made BPA Free Liner – Swiss made coating by one of the leading coating manufacturers.
  • Wide Mouth Opening – Wide-mouth design accommodates ice cubes, pieces of fruits and powder mixes. 

Eco Bottle – priced at the top of the market offers design innovation, ergonomic considerations and practicalities to a commodity driven market place. Just as Ian Schrager did to the hotel market, Mikita-Wilson plans to do in the health and wellness markets.

Stay tuned, Outdoor Retailer will be more than her crowning jewel! The coming out will be exceptionally stunning. After all;

 “Everybody wants to be a stunning beauty in their own right!” 


Eco Bottle is a maker of premium made reusable bottles offering style through sustainability. Eco Bottles offer a wide mouth opening and a patented triple lock closure system that is unique to the Eco Bottle. To learn more about Eco Bottle and see the latest styles please visit or in Canada please visit