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Clean Cookstoves Save Lives in New Short Video from Himalayan Stove Project

April 2, 2020

Media Contact

Alli Noland
Terra PR

Taos, N.M.

Himalayan Stove Project (HSP) is thrilled to announce the release of its newest short video, “What is Himalayan Stove Project,” depicting the impact and need of its organizational mission. The familiar voice of Mandy Stapleford of “Good News Good Planet,” narrates the 2 minute and 20 second video, filled with beautiful shots of Nepal from a recent delivery mission, and its people, discussing the need for sustainable cookstoves and the change they’ve seen after receiving one.

As the video explains, thousands of families throughout Nepal suffer from avoidable illnesses each year, some of which prove fatal, all because of the highly polluting, inefficient cooking and heating sources they currently use. These conditions disproportionally impact women and youth, whom tragically bear the brunt of the millions of premature deaths and illnesses.  

These sustainable cookstoves transform lives by lowering levels of damaging indoor air pollution by reducing smoke and harmful gasses by up to 90%, also reducing the amount of particulate matter contributing to climate change. Additionally, the stoves greatly reduce the amount of fuel use by up to 75% which means less time needed to gather biomass, a daunting and dangerous task for women and children.

Since 2012, HSP has worked with Nepali partners to deliver nearly 6,000 environmentally friendly, fuel efficient cookstoves with the belief that our homes should be a place of comfort and safety. One of these longtime partners is Kahtoola, who helped sponsor the creation of this video. Kahtoola Founder, Danny Giovale states, “For 20 years, Kahtoola has kept our commitment to being a responsible business by giving back to inspiring cultures and people we share this planet with. HSP has a focused and effective strategy that truly improves the lives of so many by providing these well-designed stoves. They are having a significant impact on these Nepali families and make it easy to join them in their efforts. We are humbled by their work and so happy to be a part of their support system.”

For more information regarding the Himalayan Stove Project, please visit or contact Pam Miller at

About Himalayan Stove Project:

HSP is a humanitarian & philanthropic non-profit, dedicated to preserving the Himalayan environment and improving the health of the people living in the trans-Himalayan region. We purchase clean-burning, fuel efficient cookstoves and distribute them to families currently cooking on traditional stoves or over open-fire pits that require excessive amounts of precious fuel and pollute the indoor air to dangerously unhealthy levels. Replacing these stoves with our donated, fuel efficient, stoves greatly reduces carbon emissions, fuel-need and indoor air pollution For more information, please visit

About Kahtoola:

Since 1999, Kahtoola has been creating reliable gear that makes the outdoors more accessible and rewarding. Kahtoola’s flexible footwear traction systems, including MICROspikes® and NANOspikes®, are built to improve safety and performance in wintry locales around the globe. Every product from hiking crampons to running gaiters are thoughtfully designed and vigorously tested at the brand’s Flagstaff, AZ headquarters high on the Colorado Plateau. Owned and operated by founder Danny Giovale, Kahtoola proudly grants 1% of annual sales to fund projects that support indigenous cultures and improve communities, healthcare, education, resources and the environment. For more information, please visit