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Brooklyn Boulders Announces Martin Adler as New CEO

May 3, 2021

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Jasmine Smith
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Brooklyn, NY

The former health-tech entrepreneur will steer the rock climbing fitness brand back to its authentic community roots while remaining on the forefront of climbing innovation . 

May 3, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY) — Brooklyn Boulders (BKB), a leading national rock climbing gym with locations in NYC, Boston, and Chicago, announced today the appointment of a new CEO, Martin Adler, who will lead the charge in returning the soul of this national brand to its historic Brooklyn roots and shepherding innovation for BKB and the sport of climbing. With this appointment, Adler, a former health-tech entrepreneur, aims to re-ignite the spirit of “Brooklyn” in Brooklyn Boulders– focusing more of the company’s efforts and resources on celebrating diversity and community, uplifting local neighborhoods, and elevating the sport of climbing with leading edge talent and technology..


“Climbing has been my gateway to friendships, self-confidence and a sense of belonging.  Brooklyn Boulders brought rock climbing to the heart of the American city, and in doing so, exposed millions to this socially beneficial sport. I am excited to build on the authenticity of our Brooklyn roots while continuing to innovate, expanding the reach and accessibility of the sport that touched my life.”  

Adler previously served as Brooklyn Boulders Vice President of Strategy & Growth before becoming the Interim CEO in August, 2020.  Formerly a co-founder of Healthrageous (Acq. by Humana)  and Chief of Product and Strategy at Reflexion Health (Acq. by Smith & Nephew), Adler has spent the past decade developing companies that democratize access to quality health services regardless of geography or means. As an innovator in the health and wellness space, Adler has been tasked again in this new role with creating a new path forward for the Brooklyn Boulders brand, which promised its staff and members sweeping changes in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and national racial justice movement. 

“My goal is to lead the movement that provides BKB with a fresh start,” Adler stated in an initial letter to Brooklyn Boulders members. “A core value of BKB is ‘making it an open house party’ that encourages diversity and inclusion.  Maintaining a community that welcomes everyone is personal to me. My challenge is not simply to lead this company, but to do so in a way that restores our community’s faith in what we’re building.”

Beginning in Q3 2020, Adler took on the role of Interim CEO, immediately responding to the national crises of an unprecedented year that deeply affected the Brooklyn Boulders community. Within six months, Adler implemented the “Climbing for All” initiative to make climbing more accessible to future climbers within Brooklyn Boulders’ local neighborhoods via deeply subsidized membership to its facilities. Citing how “leaders with privilege must focus on providing opportunities for those who have not had the same advantages coming up,” Adler intends to carry this focus on access and inclusion into his formalized role.

In 2021, Adler specifically intends to announce multiple additional initiatives that will reaffirm the brand’s original mission and newfound focus on diversity and inclusion while continuing to expand upon the ‘Climbing for All’ program. These changes will include new key hires, rollouts of innovative climbing technology, and expansion into new urban markets. 

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About Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn Boulders is an adventure lifestyle brand with indoor rock climbing gyms and fitness centers located in New York City, Boston, and Chicago.