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Benchmarking: The 401(k) Retirement Plan

November 11, 2013

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David Gratke, CEO
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To: Outdoor Industry Association Members

You have just attended OIA’s November 7, 2013 webinars on Benchmarking for Retailers and Benchmarking for Manufacturers. You now have the necessary tools to determine your organization’s competitiveness through OIA’s ‘comparative insights’ that can lead you to ‘improved profit and financial performance’.

Now learn how to benchmark* one of your most valuable employee benefits; the 401(k) retirement plan. 

Gratke Wealth/Retirement Plan Advisory Group

As a member of the largest retirement plan advisory group in the nation, managing over 25,000 plans with over $115 billion in retirement assets, our company has the tools necessary to analyze and optimize your team’s retirement plan for the best possible outcome for your participants. We maintain one of the largest 401(k) provider databases in the nation (over 80 providers), and we as a group, are knowledgeable regarding provider fees, investments and service levels. Our firm does more retirement plan benchmarking that any other 401k consulting firm in the nation. Our proprietary B3 Provider Analysis System™ is renown for finding service providers with skill, not just performance. Our benchmarking tools are based upon this suite of knowledge and experience.

B3 Provider AnalysisTM

The objective of the B3 Provider AnalysisTM is to identify retirement plan providers who deliver the highest quality products and services at the most competitive total plan cost. Within the framework of this report, we will present a balanced analysis of the different plan provider components including Recordkeeping and Administration, Participant Technology Services, Investment Management, Compliance and Employee Communications. By asking pertinent questions, we will uncover the core competencies and weaknesses of each prospective provider. The results of the analysis will arm fiduciaries with a definable process and provide meaningful fee, service and investment benchmarks that can be used to determine if changes are warranted.

As you consider an independent review of your retirement plan by our team, as trustees, ask yourselves these questions along the way:

  • What do you like most about your current plan?
  • What would you like to change about your current plan? 
  • What does your current provider do well, and where do they fall short? 
  • How do your employees currently perceive the plan? 
  • What are the top three areas of concern?
  • (e.g., plan administration, communication/education, fees, technology, investment selection, fiduciary management, plan design)

Download our white paper The Independent Fiduciary Review where we help you answer these questions and more:

1.) What steps should we take as plan fiduciaries to ensure costs associated with our retirement plan and investments meet the standard of “reasonableness” as required by the Department of Labor?

2.) How can I provide the best retirement plan benefit possible for my employees, stay current with all the new regulations and limit my liability?

Go here to download the report.

Gratke Wealth, along with Retirement Plan Advisory Group, protects plan fiduciaries from liability, while enhancing investment opportunities and assisting participants achieve financial security. We are proud of our commitment to excellence, and welcome the opportunity to serve the Outdoor Industry Association membership.  Our team stands ready to answer questions that may develop during your consideration of our proposed benchmarking services. *Please note, our retirement plan benchmarking service is not an endorsement by the Outdoor Industry Association.