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Bellyak Inc. Introduces First Bodyboat, the Frequency

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Amy Williams
Darby Communications

Asheville, NC — Jun 14, 2012

Debuting this summer from Bellyak, is the Frequency. This stable, yet speedy bodyboat is designed to deliver the novice as well as the seasoned watersport enthusiast a total joy ride whether it be down the river, in the ocean surf, or on the lake.

Putting a whole new perspective on adaptability, this bodyboat can be ridden lying down, kneeling or sitting, for a whole new on-the-water experience. The Frequency combines the full body fitness of swimming with the fun of cruising on the water. A more stable and agile boat by design, it has less of a learning curve than traditional kayaks and there’s no need for a paddle or spray skirt. With a comfortable, ergonomic body cavity and contoured deck, the Frequency gives a bodyboater unmatched contact with the boat.

“I love the Bellyak perspective from down low, just skimming over the water,” says company founder Adam Masters. “While our boats are designed to be ridden lying down, kneeling or seated, I really like the sense of control from riding it on my belly, it feels like flying on the water.”

If a more aggressive paddling session is what you seek, the Frequency has built in handholds and toe braces which give the user more control. The front rocker contributes to its speed and maneuverability carrying the bodyboater up and over river features. The large front hatch provides plenty of space and is watertight with an easy to use lid for the stuff you need to keep dry.

Roto-molded for strength and durability, the Frequency is intended to suit paddlers within the 100 – 220 pound weight range and between the 5’2” – 6’4” height range. Weighing in at 32 lbs with an 8’7″ length and 25″ width, this bodyboat fits on a standard kayak roof rack, or even in the back of your station wagon, so you can take the fun with you wherever you go.
The Frequency will be available for purchase starting July 1, 2012. Bellyak will make their debut this summer at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show.

About Bellyak
At Bellyak our goal is simple, to enhance the fun factor for all levels of water sports enthusiasts by making the water accessible in a whole new way. Bodyboating lets people join the horizontal river running movement and paddle while lying down to experience the feeling of flying on the water. Whether new to playing in the surf or an experienced white water kayaker, the intuitive nature of paddling a Bellyak provides maximum fun with a minimum learning curve. At Bellyak, we have spent years testing and perfecting our boats to ensure quality design, technical innovations and trustworthy manufacturing. Visit for a dealer near you.

Please ride responsibly and always wear a personal flotation device and helmet.