About A New Earth Project
An initiative of Atlantic Packaging, A New Earth Project is a coalition of outdoor enthusiasts,
industry-leading brands, and innovative, environmentally conscious packaging suppliers on a
mission to find and scale sustainable packaging solutions to stop plastic pollution from ending
up in the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. As a catalyst to build awareness, increase education
and inspire action, A New Earth Project brings together the voices of ocean and water advocacy
and the global supply chain to solve these problems while providing sustainable packaging
solutions for brands of all sizes. Learn more at www.anewearthproject.com.

Member Benefit:
All OIA members will receive a complimentary consultation with our sustainable packaging
experts at our Packaging Solutions Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. This facility has the most
advanced testing capabilities in the packaging industry and is trusted by the world’s largest
brands. Our team of packaging specialists will welcome your biggest packaging challenges while
documenting the unboxing experience and highlighting the benefits of sustainable solutions.
Based on your unique needs we will provide recommendations that are aligned with our New
Earth Approved criteria, making sustainable packaging solutions easy and affordable. Join us on
our Journey to A New Earth.

Brook Hopper
Director, business development

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