Thrive Outside: Twin Cities


The Thrive Outside Twin Cities Community, led by Wilderness Inquiry, is using community organizing techniques to coalesce a new and diverse group of partners to help families connect with the outdoors on the Mississippi River and other local waters. Wilderness Inquiry has a strong history of introducing children to the outdoors. Together with some of its existing partners, the group seeks to engage entirely new community-based leaders and organizations to engage a more diverse population into outdoor activities on the water in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In North Minneapolis, for instance, there is only one public access point to the Mississippi River, and it includes a steep, eroded bank that makes exploring the river difficult and unsafe. These efforts will include a summer school model that connects youth to place-based learning opportunities which tie into school standards and invest in social-emotional support for youth.



The Loppet Foundation

“Wilderness Inquiry is thrilled to partner with the Outdoor Foundation to support a collective impact approach to youth outdoor engagement in the Twin Cities, breaking down barriers to access to ensure that all youth can learn, grow, and thrive in the outdoors, Thrive Outside Twin Cities provides an incredible opportunity to build meaningful, equitable pathways to outdoor participation for Minnesota youth and families.”