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The OIA Sustainability Working Group (SWG) has an open membership with varying opportunities for engagement. We encourage all companies throughout the supply chain to get involved.

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Join the Sustainability Working Group web platform to participate in regularly scheduled calls and stay updated on tool development, collaborative opportunities, and industry trends. OIA and SWG voting members receive a complimentary license to Central Desktop, our collaborative web platform. Non-member companies, or those users in excess of the allocated number of licenses, are charged per user license to cover the costs associated with buying additional blocks of user licenses. To purchase a license to access our collaborative web platform, download this form.    

Become an SWG voting member and be recognized as a global leader in sustainability. SWG voting members pay an annual fee, based on a sliding scale tied to corporate revenue and OIA membership.

SWG Voting Member Benefits

Download the Sustainability Working Group voting member application

Voting rights: Member businesses who pay SWG participation fees have the opportunity to shape future index content and other tools by voting in the approval process.

Sustainability Insights Conference Registration – SWG voting members receive complimentary registration to the Sustainability Insights Conference held prior to both Outdoor Retailer Summer and Winter Market.

Access to the Higg Index 2.0 Web Tool – SWG voting membership includes access to Higg 2.0, an indicator based self-assessment tool that gauges environmental sustainability performance.

Access to collaborative workspace: SWG members receive complimentary access to the online SWG discussion forms and working group resources.

Collaboration opportunities: Access to a forum to collaborate with your peers in the industry to share best practices and take action to address your most pressing sustainability challenges.

 Recognition as global leader: The outdoor industry and SWG are gaining worldwide recognition for sustainability index work and the thought leadership and the collaboration it demonstrates. Your participation in the SWG will keep you informed of the latest sustainability best practices and enable you to contribute to their development.

 Media/communications recognition: When appropriate, SWG voting member businesses will receive special recognition in presentations, websites, marketing collateral, and other OIA communications and media vehicles (both within and outside the industry) as leaders in the effort.

 OIA members receive 50 percent off SWG participation fees (up to a $12,000 value).Reduced fees for OIA members