OIA Sustainability Working Group

We Have Retired the Sustainability Working Group and Shifted Our Focus to the Climate Action Corps

For more than 10 years, OIA has guided the outdoor industry’s supply chain work by leading and facilitating the Sustainability Working Group. The SWG worked to build and implement sustainable business strategies to reduce impact, increase business value and ultimately create positive impact for people and the planet. These strategies ranged from alignment on microfiber shedding messaging to chemicals management to animal welfare standards. Each year, in person and via an online community, the SWG convened hundreds of sustainability champions and practitioners across the outdoor value chain to share insights and drive collective impact toward common goals that no single company alone can solve.

In September of 2019, the OIA Board of Directors and our Sustainable Business Innovation team agreed that it’s time to shift our work from broad and far-ranging SWG priorities toward more focused initiatives, starting with tackling climate change. In January 2020, OIA announced that it would would do that work through a new collaborative cohort called Climate Action Corps, which will supercede the SWG. You can learn more about and join the Climate Action Corps here.

OIA will continue to provide information and insights on a broad range of sustainability topics to all of its members as those issues arise or gain wide media attention. We have also made many resources that were previously exclusive to the SWG available to the full OIA membership here.