Future Leadership Academy FAQ

Q: How many people are you accepting in the Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy?

A: We are accepting 35 individuals. We plan to grow to 50 per class in future years.

Q: Am I eligible to apply?

A: To apply, you must be a director level or below and have three or more years of experience in the outdoor industry in some capacity. In order to participate in the program, your company must already be or become an OIA member.

Q: Why would I want to be part of the academy?

A: The Future Leadership Academy is a six-month immersive leadership program created to teach and train participants to lead and advocate for the outdoor industry. From mentoring to community building to outdoor industry-focused content to leadership training, this program will provide a platform that empowers participants unlike any other opportunity.

Q: How is the Outdoor industry defined and can I join if I’m not technically in the industry?

A: Whether you are an athlete, river guide, specialty retail sales associate, product designer or all of the above, we are looking for candidates who demonstrate leadership, creativity as well as a commitment to our industry. Since our goal is to strengthen and create community among members of our tribe, we are only accepting candidates from inside the outdoor industry.

Q: Is there a cost? 

A. The academy will cost participants $2,995 plus travel. This includes:

  • ORWM overnight orientation (food and lodging included)
  • ‘The Camp’ offsite retreat (food, lodging and travel to/from DIA included)
  • Personality assessments and in-person learning
  • Webinars, as well as access to a learning management system and online participant community
  • Capstone Project offering participants the opportunity to apply their knowlege to a real problem in the non-profit world.
  • The Futurist Project

*Travel costs to be covered by participants.

Time off for the participants can either be covered by the company or PTO, to be arranged between employer and employee. We hope the cost of the program will come out of a continuing education budget from your company. Please check with your supervisor to determine if this is possible and please, pass on the employer FAQ and Kristen Freaney‘s contact information to your supervisor for additional information. Ultimately, we realize this program will cost participants both time and money and we are committed to making the best use of both.

Q: What is the duration of the program? 

 A: The program is six months total with an overnight after ORWM, a spring retreat and ORSM attendance for one night. See the 2019 gatherings.

Q: What is my time commitment? 

A: You will be required to complete roughly 30 to 40 hours of online learning and a final group project in addition to monthly mentor calls. Candidates must also be present at a spring retreat as well as (part of)  Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in January and Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in June. The commitment is very manageable with a full-time job, but will require focus and commitment to make the most of this opportunity.

Q: How long will it take for my application to get reviewed?

A: Depending on volume of applications, we will review all within two weeks of the application closing, and we will begin setting up Skype interviews then. You will find out if you are accepted into the program in November.