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Surviving Retail..Strategies for your Toolbox

August 2, 2016, 2:15 pm
Gallivan Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Speaker: Rhonda Abrams,

If you own a retail small business, you know all about tough competition. First, you had the chains in the mall. Then the big box stores, now online retailers, some who sell below your cost. (How do they do that?)

Some customers use your store as a showroom, checking out your products, then ordering online. (How dare they do that?) Rents increase. The middle class shrinks. How can a mom-and-pop survive? Whether you sell clothing or candy, toys or teapots, shoes or shaving supplies, I have good news for small retail businesses. You can outsmart the competition. You have to. Rhonda will discuss the 5 key strategies to help every retailer survive and compete.