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Skin in the Game in an Era of Global Change

June 19, 2019, 2:00 pm
Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

PRESENTERS: Heidi Steltzer, Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies; Suzanne Connors, Conservation Lands Foundation; Lorelie Cloud, Southern Ute Tribe

DESCRIPTION: Where were you when you first realized there should be more water in a river, less dust on the snow, or fewer dead trees? Where were you when you began to contemplate people were the cause? We each have these stories about the places we go and where we live. We can also all have ‘skin in the game’, a commitment to take risks through what we do that parallel the gains for which we strive, such as financial security, adventure and health. To spark discussion, the panelists will each share insights into global change and risk-taking as we commit time to global change science, water protection, and conserving public lands. At times, we are fearful as we face the unknown. The epic adventures that people in the outdoor community undertake have prepared us well to face fear as we build our commitment to the environment and slowing the rate of global change into what we do. Our voices and actions are essential to sustain people and the outdoor industry.