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OIA INDUSTRY LUNCH: Climate Action is Not a Spectator Sport: The Risks of Complacency and the Opportunity for Outdoor Industry Leadership

January 30, 2020, 12:00 pm
Colorado Convention Center (MR 406)

Get the tools you need to take action now: Come learn about and join the outdoor industry Climate Action Corps.

Presenters: Amy Horton, Outdoor Industry Association; Matt Thurston, REI; Jonathan Cedar, BioLite; Cam Brensinger, NEMO Equipment

Moderator: Deborah Williams, Outdoor Industry Association

DescriptionJoin industry leaders, climate experts, OIA and partners for an introduction to the Climate Action Corps. Hear why smart companies are joining, and how you can take part. The outdoor experience is under threat, our supply chains are at risk, and your customers and employees want to know: what are you doing about climate change? There’s a lot of confusion around what corporate climate action should look like, but this much is clear: We have about 10 years to reverse the worst impacts of climate change. It’s not a solo mission, and every outdoor company needs to take action. But developing an ambitious climate strategy with limited resources can feel overwhelming. That’s why OIA is developing a road map for outdoor industry collective action that will equip your company to be a part of the climate solution, and enable our industry to show unprecedented leadership.

*Please note that box lunches will be first come, first served