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Marketing Sustainability Roundtable

January 26, 2018, 2:00 pm
Denver 5, Hilton Denver City Center

Location: Denver 5, Hilton Denver City Center


WANTED!  Marketing Minds

For 10 years the Sustainability Working Group has collaborated amongst more than 150 outdoor brands, retailers, suppliers and other stakeholder organizations to work to identify and implement better business practices throughout our shared supply chains. How do brands tell the story of their investment in and work on the Higg Index that is compelling to their customers? In short, how do we make sustainability part of the value proposition?

Higg Index Transparency Update with Elena Kocherovsky, Sustainable Apparel Coalition

The SAC has just finished a series of pilots gauging reaction to and understanding of on-product Higg Index Marketing materials. Following the update, we’ll discuss impressions on marketing the Higg Index and sustainable supply chain management.


Incorporating Sustainability into Brand and Product Marketing

Many brands are far along the journey of communicating the sustainability value proposition to their customers.

How do these examples speak to you as a marketer? How to they speak to consumers? OIA is interested in creating marketing toolkits as consistent and scalable resources for brands as they build out their sustainability marketing strategy. What tools would be most valuable to your brand? How can we help you translate the value of Higg Index engagement to sales reps, retailers and end consumers?


The Chain Effect: A Sustainable Supply Chain Series

 With the help of filmmaker, Ben Duke and producer, Johnny Alamo, OIA’s marketing and SBI teams are embarking on a series of consumer facing digital films that will explore where specific outdoor products come from and why people should care about where these products come from. Via positive but transparent storytelling, the series intent is to convey successes and challenges of supply chain management through the eyes of athletes and everyday users of these products.

Johnny Alamo will present the pitch deck and work plan for executing this series.