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Marketing Sustainability Roundtable

July 23, 2018, 2:00 pm
Crystal A, Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown Convention Center, 1420 Stout Street

Roundtable Agenda: 

  • Leading in Sustainable Business: The State of Sustainability in the Outdoor Industry Report: Introduced at the OIA Day 1 Lunchjust preceding the marketing roundtable, this comprehensive report benchmarks the industry’s sustainability efforts, allows companies to see how they compare to other companies of their size and measures the adoption of OIA’s tools and partnerships. We’ll spend some time gauging reaction and reviewing highlights of the report.

  • Sustainable Business Film Series: We are excited to have partners with Newsy on the next stage of creating a film series on supply chain choices and why everyone should care about them. We’ll view a trailer and share how your brand can get involved.
    • What’s your story? It’s the story behind the gear we use as members of the outdoor economy and the role the OIA and its partner organizations all play in helping improve their supply chain together. This series will look at how and where outdoor products are made, and shine a light upon the impact these products have on our planet, now and for future generations.
    • And why should people care? For people who actively seek the outdoors as a destination, they understand the emotional and spiritual bond those places can hold in our hearts and minds. Today however, better informed outdoor enthusiasts and amateurs alike find themselves contemplating how their own actions and purchases can have a deleterious impact on those amazing places. With this as a central narrative thread, we’ll follow the story of one character as she/he grapples with this paradigm of how to “leave no trace” in a variety of pristine, beautiful places, while ultimately helping inform our collective purchase decisions for years to come.