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Establishing Your Restricted Substances List (RSL) Program

January 28, 2020, 8:00 am
The Studio Loft, Kevin Taylor, 908 14th St Denver, CO 80202

Description: For many brands, “chemicals management” begins and ends with the selection of a Restricted Substances List (RSL) that limits or bans certain chemicals in finished products. Yet without a system to communicate this list to suppliers, strategically assess materials and identify emerging risks, brands have little ability to ensure compliance to their RSL and regulatory requirements and that their finished products are safe for their end customer. Establishing a system for RSL implementation and identifying opportunities to move beyond compliance are important steps in building an effective chemicals management program. If your brand is looking to get started or further develop your RSL program, this session will provide you the step-by-step guidance, access to experts and an understanding of industry tools that will support this critical stride for your brand.

Desired Outcomes for the Workshop:

Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of an RSL as a first step toward a chemicals management program for their company.
  • Learn about existing public RSLs, including the product categories and materials covered; intent (e.g., regulatory compliance, voluntary goals); global regulatory and NGO coverage; testing matrices, etc.
  • Learn how to evaluate and choose the best public RSL as the basis for their brand’s RSL.
  • Understand the elements of an RSL implementation program – Ownership, Communication, Testing, Failure Remediation and Tracking – including best practices, company examples, tools and templates available to assist in the creation of a program.
  • Leave the workshop with a game plan and next steps for developing an RSL implementation program.


Welcome, Introductions & Goals for the Workshop

  1. LEARN & PRIORITZE: Context & Selection of RSLs
    • Role of an RSL within a Chemicals Management Program
    • Anatomy of an RSL & Landscape of Industry RSLs
    • Choosing an RSL for Your Company
  2. PLAN & IMPLEMENT: Operationalizing an RSL
    • Internal Ownership & Management
    • Communicating to Your Supply Chain
    • Establishing a Strategic Testing Program
    • Failures, Corrective Actions & Tracking
    • Exercise: Advancing your RSL Program
  3. CONNECT: Next Steps
    • Key Takeaways & Industry Resources

Speakers: To Be Announced Shortly.




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