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Wading Through The Waters of Sustainable Materials, Claims & Data

June 17, 2019, 1:30 pm
The Studio Loft, Kevin Taylor, 908 14th St Denver, CO 80202

Whether you produce soft goods or hard goods, research shows the majority of your impacts are in your supply chain – specifically, in the materials you’re sourcing and how they’re produced. Through better understanding of what materials are being used and at what volumes across the outdoor industry, we can better identify and prioritize the biggest opportunities for collective impact. Yet, in the immediate term, you may be struggling to sort through the cloudy waters of sustainable material claims and vet which opportunities will actually reduce the impacts you’re after. Join this session to hear about the data collection process OIA will embark later this year and how it’ll help drive your own strategies, as well as get an overview on the common industry material claims and questions, tools and tips to vet them.