2020 Outdoor + Snow Show

OIA, in partnership with Outdoor Retailer, offers FREE professional training opportunities for all Outdoor Retailer attendees. Sessions will be held in the Colorado Convention Center, and around the show floor.

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Monday 1/27
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Friday 1/31
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

The Outdoor Industry Aspires to Become Climate Positive: Are You In?

The Studio Loft, Kevin Taylor, 908 14th St Denver, CO 80202

Opening Keynote Address by REI CEO Eric Artz, Additional Remarks from REI Director of Sustainability, Brand Stewardship and Impact Matt Thurston

Description: REI has been one of our industry’s biggest champions and loudest voices over the years, providing leadership in sustainable business on a number of fronts. But, says Artz, when it comes to addressing climate change, our industry has responsibility to do more. In his remarks, Artz will share his personal story, which underpins his professional commitment to address climate change on three fronts: advocacy, business operations and customer education and engagement.

Climate change impacts the places we play. It impacts our supply chains, affecting pricing and causing disruptions. It impacts our consumers -especially future generations. There are a lot of uncertainties in our future, but one thing is certain: we have a limited amount of time to reverse the worst impacts of climate change and it’s not a solo mission.
It’s going to take every single brand, retailer, and manufacturer in the outdoor industry to measure their emissions, set targets, and work together to meet those targets. But we know that creating an ambitious climate strategy that fits your organization can feel overwhelming. Which is why Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is developing a road map for industry climate action, helping to support members in measuring their emissions, setting targets, and deploying aggressive reduction measures throughout the value chain.
The Outdoor Industry Climate Action Corps invites outdoor companies to blaze a trail towards ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reduction and collaboratively work across the value chain to ultimately become climate positive. It’s our industry’s commitmentto action -to measure, set goals, drive reductions,participate in advocacy and engage our consumers on this critical issue. For over ten years, the OIA Sustainability Working Group has worked tirelessly to identify best practices and advance the sustainability of our industry. Now it’s time to show that, together, we’re a force for climate action.

Want to take action on climate but unsure where to start? This day is for you! Already measured your GHG emissions and set a target? Join us to learn and prioritize opportunities to help you meet your targets faster through collaboration. Hear from REI and other industry leaders and experts on why climate change is the biggest existential threat facing the outdoors and the outdoor industry, learn what it takes to sign onto the Climate Action Corps, receive guidance on measuring and reducing your emissions as well as learn from brands and retailers who are leading the way on ambitious climate action.

This meeting is for brands, manufacturers and suppliers in the outdoor industry. The meeting is closed to media.


8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Establishing Your Restricted Substances List (RSL) Program

The Studio Loft, Kevin Taylor, 908 14th St Denver, CO 80202

Description: For many brands, “chemicals management” begins and ends with the selection of a Restricted Substances List (RSL) that limits or bans certain chemicals in finished products. Yet without a system to communicate this list to suppliers, strategically assess materials and identify emerging risks, brands have little ability to ensure compliance to their RSL and regulatory requirements and that their finished products are safe for their end customer. Establishing a system for RSL implementation and identifying opportunities to move beyond compliance are important steps in building an effective chemicals management program. If your brand is looking to get started or further develop your RSL program, this session will provide you the step-by-step guidance, access to experts and an understanding of industry tools that will support this critical stride for your brand.

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

What Is the Higg Index and How Can It Help Your Company Collect Data, Set Targets and Communicate Sustainability Performance?

The Studio Loft, Kevin Taylor, 908 14th St Denver, CO 80202

Presenters: Higg Co., Outdoor Industry Association and Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Description: The Higg Index is a suite of tools that enables brands, retailers and facilities of all sizes — at every stage in their sustainability journey — to accurately measure and score a company’s or product’s sustainability performance. The Higg Index delivers a holistic overview that empowers businesses to make meaningful improvements that protect the well-being of factory workers, local communities and the environment. If you’re new to the Higg Index or have questions about how it can help your business measure and communicate your environmental and social performance throughout the value chain, this session will provide an overview of the suite of tools and how companies throughout the supply chain are using them to measure, set targets and reduce impact.


7:00 am - 8:45 am

Outdoor + Snow Show Kickoff Breakfast: Business As a Force For (Climate) Good

Colorado Convention Center (MR 401)

Moderator: Kate WIlliams, CEO 1% for the Planet

Presenters: Nancy Hirshberg, former VP of Natural Resources with Stonyfiled Farm, now Executive Director The Crossroads Initiative; Tim Bantle, Global GM Urban Exploration and Mountain Lifestyle The North Face; Tyler LaMotte, Chief Brand Officer Jackson Hole Mountain Resort; Benjamin Stuart, Bank of the West

Description: Please join us to officially kick off the Outdoor + Snow Show 2020. At this year’s Kickoff Breakfast, we want to use this opportunity to mobilize our industry on the most pressing environmental issue of our time: climate change. With the latest UN climate report clearly stating that “deeper and faster emissions cuts are now required” to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, it’s clear that as an industry with so much at stake, we have to act in a meaningful and ambitious way.

We need urgent action to address the climate challenge ahead of us, and we won’t get there without courageous business leaders stepping up. At this year’s Kickoff Breakfast, we’ve assembled a group of executives who are exhibiting this bold leadership – to discuss their commitment to lead on climate change and to outline achievable strategies that every business can act on right now. Join SIA, OIA, and NSAA for an inspiring conversation and clear direction on how you and your company can effect change.

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Intelligent Supply Chain Strategies for Navigating the US-China Trade War

Colorado Convention Center (MR 405)

Presenters: Amie Ahanchian, Principal, Trade and Customs, KPMG; David Beale, International Trade and Customs Consultant, KPMG

Moderator: Rich Harper, Manager of International Trade, Outdoor Industry Association

Description: Outdoor industry companies have paid nearly two billion dollars in punitive tariffs imposed by the Trump administration on products sourced from China, with possibly more tariffs to come. These taxes not only mean higher costs for companies and consumers, but they also result in less innovation and job growth. OIA is actively advocating for the elimination of these punitive tariffs in Washington, D.C., but companies should also work to protect their bottom lines by making adjustments to their supply chains. Join us for an in-depth discussion with key experts on how outdoor companies can help alleviate the impact of the China tariffs through a holistic “intelligent supply chain” approach that encompasses both customs and supply chain planning.

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

OIA INDUSTRY LUNCH: Is America becoming an indoor nation? The need for a movement to get Americans outside

Colorado Convention Center (MR 406)

Presenters: Lise Aangeenbrug, Outdoor Foundation; Ben Steele, REI; Jeff Bellows, Blue Cross Blue Shield; Shanelle Smith Whigham, The Trust for Public Land

Moderator: Aaron Reuben, Freelance Science Writer, Outside Magazine Contributor, Duke University

Description:  Join the Outdoor Foundation for the launch of the 2019 Outdoor Participation Report and a discussion about the trends in outdoor participation and the opportunities and challenges we are facing together in getting our youth thriving outside. Humans are becoming an indoor species, and our innate connection to nature is eroding, but the outdoor industry is well positioned to change that growing trend. Come learn how you and your company can help everyone thrive outside.


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Five Quick Wins To Kick-Start Your Sustainability Strategy (with new insights!)

The Trend and Design Center - Colorado Convention Center

Moderator: Jessie Curry, Outdoor Industry Association

Speakers: Marissa Strano, Materials Manager, CamelBak Products; Hy Rosario, Outdoor Lead, HOKA One One; Erin Augustine, Director, Responsible Sourcing, Wolverine World Wide

Description: Sustainability can feel like a long, slow journey with few rewarding views in sight –unless, you’re equipped with a map of the landscape, a focused strategy and the right resources. Despite most brands having limited to no dedicated sustainability staff, not taking action won’t be an option for long given the growing trends of consumer, retailer and nonprofits expecting responsible products, transparent supply chains and a unique point of view. In order to keep up – and even get ahead – there are simple steps brands can take now, regardless of their size or resource-constraints. Come gather insight from peers who attended the OIA Sustainability Boot Camps in 2019 as they discuss these simple steps, how they’re approaching their strategy and quick wins that will get you ahead of the curve.

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

OIA Happy Hour

OIA Booth - 300001 UL

Join OIA for a member appreciation happy hour at our booth 30001-UL on Day 1.

We’ll have drinks, music and great company! If you’re not a member, swing by to learn what OIA membership means for sustainability, participation, advocacy and the industry, and mingle with current members.

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Outdoor and Travel Industries United to Address Overcrowding on Public Lands

Colorado Convention Center (MR 405)

Presenters: Cathy Ritter, Colorado Tourism Office; Carolann Ouellette, Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation, Taldi Harrison, REI; Bob Ratcliff, National Park Service

Moderator: Patricia Rojas-Ungar, Outdoor Industry Association

Visits to U.S. national parks between 2008 and 2018 climbed by more than 43 million, from about 275 million park visits in 2008 to 318 million in 2018. And other public lands, such as popular national forests, are also seeing increased visitation. As outdoorists, we are stoked to see more and more people appreciating and loving our public lands, and know that increased visitation both helps to grow the outdoor recreation economy and improve the health and wellness of individuals. But visitor increases can also present challenges that could begin to discourage outdoor recreation, such as facility maintenance costs, traffic congestion, overcrowded trails, lack of access to visitor services such as outfitting permits and demand for more trails or new camping access. The outdoor and travel industries share a vested interest in the smart management of tourism growth on public lands. They are also uniquely positioned to encourage responsible visitation and to advocate for state and federal policies and funding that support the proper maintenance, protection and access of our public lands through federal efforts like the Restore Our Parks Act, SOAR Act, Recreation Not Redtape Act, and dedicated statewide funding for conservation. Join us to learn of emerging ideas in managing the issue of overcrowding and how to advocate for the right kind of change.

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

OIA INDUSTRY LUNCH: Climate Action is Not a Spectator Sport: The Risks of Complacency and the Opportunity for Outdoor Industry Leadership

Colorado Convention Center (MR 406)

Get the tools you need to take action now: Come learn about and join the outdoor industry Climate Action Corps.

Presenters: Amy Horton, Outdoor Industry Association; Matt Thurston, REI; Jonathan Cedar, BioLite; Cam Brensinger, NEMO Equipment

Moderator: Deborah Williams, Outdoor Industry Association

DescriptionJoin industry leaders, climate experts, OIA and partners for an introduction to the Climate Action Corps. Hear why smart companies are joining, and how you can take part. The outdoor experience is under threat, our supply chains are at risk, and your customers and employees want to know: what are you doing about climate change? There’s a lot of confusion around what corporate climate action should look like, but this much is clear: We have about 10 years to reverse the worst impacts of climate change. It’s not a solo mission, and every outdoor company needs to take action. But developing an ambitious climate strategy with limited resources can feel overwhelming. That’s why OIA is developing a road map for outdoor industry collective action that will equip your company to be a part of the climate solution, and enable our industry to show unprecedented leadership.

*Please note that box lunches will be first come, first served


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Building the Outdoor Industry Employment Pipeline: Stronger, Better, Smarter!

The Camp - Show Floor

Panelists: Kristen Freaney, Outdoor Industry Association; Emily Newman, Camber Outdoors; Andrew Deceuster, Utah State University, Annelise Loevlie, Icelantic Skis; Kim Miller, Scarpa

Moderator: Nathan Fey, Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

Description: Unlike many industries, working in the outdoor industry does not require a specialized degree or continuing education credits. However, as the outdoor industry’s $887 billion economic impact continues to grow and elevate the profile and popularity of the industry, there is an increasing need for tailored workforce development and professional education opportunities. Many programs and certificates are available to support an informed workforce and a strong talent pipeline and to help address issues around accessibility, diversity, equity and inclusion. This panel will address the current state and future vision of outdoor industry education from innovative university degree and certificate programs to leadership training programs and mentorship.

*Please note that box lunches will be first come, first served