Defend Clean Water and Healthy Rivers

American Whitewater works to defend and strengthen water quality protections for our nation’s rivers and streams for the health and safety of all who recreate in and on them. In June, the Environmental Protection Agency announced its intention to begin the process of repealing the Clean Water Rule of 2015. Given the importance of clean water for the health of paddlers and enjoyment of recreating on rivers, this proposed action is deeply troubling to us at American Whitewater.

Following years of ambiguity about exactly which streams and wetlands are covered under the Clean Water Act, the EPA and Army Corps developed the Clean Water Rule to provide greater clarity and consistency on application of the Clean Water Act. The Rule included important safeguards for protecting headwater streams, which are among those most valued for river-based recreation. Our community provided extensive input that was reflected in the final rule.

The Clean Water Act must apply to our Nation’s headwaters if the goal is to protect downstream states, people, fish, and property rights. Paddlers also know that healthy rivers attract and inspire new businesses, revitalize communities, and create boons to public health, fitness, and happiness.

We have provided you with a comment template to reach out to members of Congress. We will update this form when the EPA opens a formal public comment period. Personalized comments are always the most effective and we encourage you to use our template as a guide and provide your own perspective based on your experience recreating on rivers near your home or business.