The information below contains basic information, tools, and recommendations for scenarios when PPE for the face, hand, and body may be required, and outlines the proper selection based on the chemicals involved:

PPE – Face and Body Protection

Chemical Resistant Glove Selection

There is no one glove material that provides protection against all chemical types. Glove material must be selected based on the chemicals with which workers are expected to come into contact. Selecting the proper protective material should be done using of a glove chart provided by the glove supplier. As demonstrated in the example below, glove charts provide technical information on the level of protection of various glove materials against specific chemicals.

Use & Maintenance of Gloves

Gloves should be inspected before each use to ensure that they are in acceptable condition and do not show signs of:

  • Discoloration
  • Drying or cracking
  • Swelling
  • Holes

Gloves showing and of the signs noted above or any other defects should be discarded and replaced.

Face Protection

Face and eye protection should be considered whenever there is a risk of chemicals contacting an employee’s face or eyes (i.e. splashing, spraying, airborne mists). Selection of the appropriate protective equipment should be based upon the associated risks. Provided below are examples of different face/eye protective equipment and descriptions of when they may be appropriate:

Face shields are designed to protect the entire face and neck, and can provide better comfort and ease of use for intermittent tasks such as chemical transfer, mixing, or cleaning.

Goggles provide sealed eye protection and defend against airborne mists. Goggles may be appropriate for tasks involving mixing, transfer, or cleaning, however ease of use may be a factor if task occurs intermittently.

Safety Glasses (with side shields) provide protection against splashes, but are not fully sealed. These may be useful for tasks that are continuous or have impact risk.

PPE Resources

U.S. OSHA – Personal Protective Equipment


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