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Benefits of Membership

Market & Consumer Insights

OIA members have access to market and consumer intelligence, including OIA ConsumerVue, U.S. participation studies, economic impact reports and much more.

  • OIA ConsumerVue – Built on findings from Outdoor Industry Association’s 2014 outdoor consumer segmentation study, OIA ConsumerVue is an interactive tool that brings the unique segments of outdoor consumers to life, helps you identify which are most relevant to your business and provides guidelines for applying these insights to business opportunities.
  • Outdoor Recreation Economic Impact Report – Updated in 2012, this report positions outdoor recreation as a significant industry that contributes $646 billion a year to the U.S. economy.
  • Participation Studies – Vital to OIA members, these comprehensive outdoor participation reports throughout the year reveal American outdoor recreation participation trends.
  • Exclusive Industry Email – OIA’s weekly e-newsletter, includes articles about the latest trends, research, best practices and innovations affecting the outdoor industry, as well as OIA news, education, and events.

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Education and Events

Staying competitive means staying ahead of the latest trends, honing your skills and networking with your peers. OIA member companies and your employees can participate in a variety of education and events.

  • Education – live sessions, online webinars, webcasts, and on-demand video, OIA’s education platform provides live, online and on-demand programming throughout the year. OIA member companies and employees have access to hundreds of online sessions in the OIA Digital Library free of charge.
  • Rendezvous – is OIA’s premier educational conference that brings together hundreds of outdoor industry leaders for three days of education, networking and service projects.
  • Outdoor Retailer – OIA is the proud title sponsor of Outdoor Retailer, the largest trade show of outdoor businesses in the world. OIA members receive special discounts on their booth and furnishings.
  • Capitol Summit – meet administration officials and your elected representatives and lobby on key recreation and trade issues.
  • Sustainability Insights Conference – a one-day conference that offers opportunities for industry professionals to stay apprised of best practices and industry trends around risk mitigation and supply chain management, providing a forum to collaboratively discuss and address shared challenges.

Business Savings

Brand Recognition

Are you doing all you can to get in front of the right people? OIA provides a variety of ways for you to reach outdoor industry professionals.

  • Press Releases – Post your press releases in our news section, one of the most visited sections on the OIA website. Press releases also appear on the OIA home page and the Outdoor Retailer site.
  • OIA Member Directory – This member-only directory lists all of our member company names, websites and general information.
  • Sponsorships/Advertising – OIA members receive special consideration for event sponsorships and special rates for advertising in our publications. To learn more, contact us.


From lobbying in Washington, D.C., to grassroots efforts, OIA works to promote equitable and predictable trade policies, increased funding for outdoor recreation and federal management policies on public lands and waters that support active recreation.

  • OIA Trade & Business Policy has saved the industry upwards of $7 million annually through an aggressive trade agenda.
  • OIA Outdoor Recreation Policy helps secure increased funding and access for the national outdoor recreation system and federal management policies on public lands that support outdoor recreation.
  • OIA Political Action Committee (OIAPAC) represents the diversity of interests, activities and companies within our industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and media of the active outdoor recreation industry.
  • OIA Working Groups tackle issues like sustainability, fair labor and standards to create tools and resources for the industry. OIA members can participate in these critical discussions and shape the future of the the way the world does business.
  • The Outdoor Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) established by OIA to inspire and grow future generations of outdoor enthusiasts, including the launch of Outdoor Nation, a youth-led movement. OIA members are encouraged to donate to the Foundation, sponsor Foundation events and send young, local outdoor leaders to Outdoor Nation.
  • Corporate Responsibility – The OIA Sustainability Working Group is responsible for the development of the Eco Index and Fair Labor tools. The goal is to assist outdoor companies in making informed sourcing, product life cycle and purchasing decisions. OIA members receive 50% off SWG voting-member fees.

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