Your customers have spoken. Will you listen?

April 1, 2015

Do you ever stop to wonder who the most powerful player in the outdoor industry is? Who is doing the most to move the needle of the retail and manufacturing landscape? Who is defining—or redefining—our $646 billion industry? If you answered anything other than “the consumer,” take a step back and re-evaluate how you approach your business. Then ask yourself these questions: Who are our consumers? What motivates them? Are we listening and responding to them effectively?

It’s true that the outdoor industry—as we’ve come to know the term—refers to the network of companies that joined together decades ago under a banner of common interests. But those interests are not defined so much by our products and services as by our customers.

The good news is that our tribe—and by extension, our industry—is growing and diversifying. The bad news is that it’s increasingly more difficult to know our consumers’ needs, interests and motivations, especially in this age of massive disruption, multi-channel retail, and expanding recreation opportunities.

OIA ConsumerVue: Helping Retailers and Manufacturers Better Understand the Outdoor Consumer

To be successful in an increasingly challenging retail and manufacturing landscape, you need to understand current and potential consumers more deeply. It’s critical to learn what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, what motivates them to get outside and what might stop them from experiencing the outdoors.

At OIA, our goal is to understand the fundamental behaviors shaping our marketplace and to translate those insights to help you make informed decisions about your business. To that end, we recently completed an industry-level consumer segmentation study that provides an unparalleled look into the world of outdoor products and services through the eyes of the consumer. Throughout 2015 and beyond, we’ll roll out our findings via OIA ConsumerVue. Rich reports, infographics, videos and more will offer deep insights into the needs, attitudes, perceptions and behaviors of seven distinct segments of outdoor consumers.

OIA ConsumerVue will help you identify which outdoor customers align best with your business and provide the highest return on your investment. You’ll learn what motivates their behaviors and purchases by looking at the values that drive their decisions. Are they competitive? Or do they spend time outdoors to reconnect with nature? Are they drawn to experiences? Or do they care more about accomplishments?

Available for free through our website, OIA ConsumerVue is a digital research tool for OIA members that brings the consumer segmentation data and findings to life.
Bookmark OIA ConsumerVue and visit often throughout 2015 and beyond to learn the following:

  • what the total population of outdoor consumers looks like,
  • how different consumer segments recreate in the outdoors,
  • how they behave when shopping for and purchasing outdoor products,
  • what role technology plays in their outdoor experiences,
  • how the individual segments will change over the next five years, and
  • what macro trends will have the greatest impact on the outdoor industry.

The real value in any research lies in the action it inspires. So we are also developing tools and activation guides to help you apply that information to your own businesses. We’ll roll out new features regularly to keep the information fresh, accessible and easy to digest and use. Our goal is to equip you for action by developing guides that identify ways to target and communicate with each consumer segment, what type of messaging is most effective and which product attributes appeal to them most.

The changes within our industry have been a topic of conversation and concern for the past several years. Uncertainties and change are inherently unsettling, but the antidote to the stress is knowledge. The data and information we’ve gathered and the tools we’re creating through OIA ConsumerVue will help you take the guesswork out of planning for the future.

Access OIA ConsumerVue Now
OIA ConsumerVue will give members direct access to a variety of research products and business tools throughout 2015 and beyond. The OIA ConsumerVue Executive Summary and Segment Summaries are currently available for free in the tool.

Our Commitment 
It’s our consumers’ behaviors that shape our marketplace. We talk a lot about the future, but in many ways, the future is now. At OIA, we’re committed to helping our members understand and act on the fundamental consumer behaviors that are shaping the marketplace today and tomorrow.