Webinar: Understanding and Integrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: An Inside Look at the Latest Course in the Outdoor Industry Business Certificate

Speakers: Lise Aangeenbrug, Outdoor Industry Association and Andrés Esparza, Western Colorado University

Take the first step in a life-long path towards a better understanding of what it means to belong to a diverse community and the strength, power, inspiration, and opportunity that such a community can provide for the greater outdoor industry. Learn about the new course currently being offered as a part of the Outdoor Industry Business Certificate (OIBC) program from instructor Andrés Esparza. Learn more about the course objectives, and what you can expect to learn by taking the course. Hear from OIA executive director Lise Aangeenbrug on why knowledge on these principles is critical to a successful career in the outdoor industry. You’ll also have a chance to ask them questions in a live Q&A session.