Webinar: Intelligent Supply Chain Strategies for Navigating the U.S.-China Trade War

President Trump has raised tariffs on a number of outdoor products sourced from China with possibly more to come. These taxes mean higher costs for companies and consumers and less innovation and job growth. OIA and its members are actively advocating to the administration and Congress that these tariffs should be removed – but companies can also begin to protect their bottom lines by making adjustments to their supply chains.

Join us for an in-depth discussion with key experts on how outdoor companies can help alleviate the impact of the China tariffs through a holistic “intelligent supply chain” approach that encompasses both customs and supply chain planning.


Speakers: Rich Harper, Manager of International Trade, Outdoor Industry Association; Amie Ahanchian, KPMG’s Trade & Customs Practic; Steven Davis, KPMG’s Value Chain Management Practice

Key learnings:

  • Managing uncertainty in today’s dynamic trade environment
  • Assessing the impact of tariffs on your organization
  • Developing a holistic approach to mitigation that includes both customs planning and supply chain/sourcing strategies
  • Focusing on trade compliance as an integral part of the intelligent supply chain strategy