Webinar: ​​​​​​2021 E-Commerce Growth in China for the North American Outdoor Industry

April 13, 2021

Speakers: Joseph Cooke, President and Co-founder of WPIC Marketing + Technologies; Todd Embley, Host and Executive Producer of The Negotiation podcast

Is growing your brand in the world’s largest online market on your organization’s trajectory for the next year? As the world emerges from the COVID pandemic, do you see opportunity for market growth across Greater China in the next year?

Join WPIC, a leading APAC e-commerce consultancy, for an exclusive webinar, discussing how outdoor industry brands from across North America can succeed in the Chinese market in 2021.

Whether your organization is in the market, is actively looking to launch in China in 2021 or is interested in learning more about the mechanics of a market entry, this webinar will feature insights across a variety of topics, including the following:

  • What sort of growth the outdoor industry can expect in 2021 and beyond
  • Which tactics drive growth in the market today
  • What are the first steps to successfully enter the market and what sort of results can a brand expect in its first year?
  • How will the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics affect consumer behavior?
  • How can North American brands solve challenges around logistics and capital expatriation?
  • What sort of data can be leveraged to drive decisions?