With the United Nations In New York City, Industries Gather to Take on Climate Change

The takeaway: Sustainability isn't just a political issue; it’s good business.

September 27, 2017

As international leaders gathered in New York City last week for the United Nations General Assembly, another significant brain-trust convened simultaneously for the ninth Climate Week NYC. At a time when there is federal inaction on climate, businesses, governors, mayors, investors and NGOs engaged in meaningful discussions that exemplify and reiterate to the world that the United States business community is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement, even if the federal government currently is not.


The week Outdoor Industry Association joined L’Oreal, CERES and Bloomberg New Energy Finance to focus on the business case for climate action, what the outdoor industry is doing about it, and reiterating that we are “Still In” the fight against climate change.

L’Oreal reps highlighted the significant benefits of committing to a 100-percent renewable energy future and support in the local communities in which they work. The meeting also highlighted the important work of CERES and its Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) in bringing together businesses across industries that have successfully balanced sustainability with profitability.

The consensus: Taking action to address climate change is not just a political debate but should be a business imperative. Outdoor Industry Association can help you get there.

Contact me at apappas@outdoorindustry.org or go to www.outdorindustry.org/advocacy to get involved.