U.S. House Passes OIA Backed Legislation That Will Save Industry Millions of Dollars

By Rich Harper January 16, 2018

The U.S. House approved a package of Miscellaneous Tariff Bills (MTBs) on January 16, 2018, legislation that will lower costs for outdoor companies.

MTBs reduce or suspend import duties on certain products, including inputs and some finished products for three years. They were fully vetted to ensure that there was no domestic production and did not cost more than $500,000 each.

Ten footwear MTBs submitted by OIA covering a wide range of footwear were included in the final House package. The bill now moves to the Senate for a final vote before it goes to the White House for the president’s signature.

“OIA applauds the House’s unanimous, bipartisan vote in favor of the MTB package,” said Rich Harper, OIA’s Manager of International Trade. “Outdoor companies have successfully utilized past MTB rounds to save more than $30 million which led to lower costs, product innovation and more American jobs.”

Later this year, OIA will solicit your ideas for the 2019 round of MTBs.

Please contact me to learn more about the MTB process and how your company could benefit.