Together We Are a Force: For These Two Outdoorists, Every Day Is Earth Day

Colleagues, friends, climate warriors, outdoorists. Gareth Martins and Lisa Pike Sheehy have been tireless advocates for the protection of the outdoors. Each, alone, is passionate. Together They Are A Force.

By Ben Schenck April 18, 2017

This Saturday, April 22, is Earth Day. As stewards of this great planet and passionate protectors of its vast resources, outdoorists spend the day celebrating and advocating for climate and environmental policies that ensure the Earth’s health. Through their activism—not just one day a year but every day for the past decade or more—Gareth Martins and Lisa Pike Sheehy have been two of the outdoor industry’s beacons of environmental stewardship. In this conversation, they reflect on their earliest outdoor experiences, the power and impact of climate advocacy through nonprofit board service and that time they met then-Senator Barack Obama, himself a defender of the environment and an outdoorist.

This conversation is part of OIA’s Together We Are A Force campaign. 

In 2016, we conducted extensive interviews and surveys to find out how OIA can best support outdoor companies. What we learned is that our members see us as a convener—the unifying entity best equipped to galvanize the industry around three important issues: policy, participation and sustainable business. Then we identified individuals who are already working to move the needle on those issues within their respective companies. Gareth Martins and Lisa Pike Sheehy demonstrate that, through collaboration, our industry as a whole can do so much more than a single company or individual can do alone. They prove that, indeed Together We Are A Force for public lands.